You’re Eating for Two

Question from a student midwife:
Gloria, what’s the reason behind a mom needing to eat 1 potato or serving of brown rice per day? Fiber? What nutrients are they both high in? Thanks!

Baked Potato


Make sure you tell the woman a baked potato or brown rice. These are slower burning carbs plus they have more minerals than the processed counterpart. It’s not just what the woman is eating that you’re interested in, it’s what she’s not eating. If you steer her towards healthier carbs, it eliminates the temptation to fill up on processed food. A little story about those 3 daily “musts”. . .

I had a new client who was a dietician for a big hotel. I gave her the diet grid to fill out everything she ate for a week and told her to eat daily:

-a baked potato or a bowl of brown rice
-large green salad
-1/2 grapefruit, orange, 2 kiwis or a red pepper

She got quite upset at me. She let me know that she ate very well and didn’t need any input from me. I asked her to just humor me and give it a try. She phoned in about 5 days and told me she couldn’t believe what an impact it had on her. By having a set list of “musts”, it helped her to prepare for the week and she didn’t snack on things in the hotel kitchen so much. She was feeling happier, stronger and more nourished by the food. Gloria

Green Salad

Green Mixed Salad

3 thoughts on “You’re Eating for Two

  1. Thank you for this! I am pregnant and breastfeeding and love all three of these “musts.” Glad to see the baked potato is OK.

  2. Baked potatoes were one of the only foods I could keep down during my 2nd and 3rd trimesters. Glad to know it was at least a good carb! 🙂

  3. I love sharing this information with women. Loaded salad, loaded baked potato or brown rice, and a red bell pepper or other vitamin C source. You are genius!

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