When Midwives Compete for Births, the Public Wins

Economist gives a six minute speech in Washington, D.C. on how the economics of increasing homebirths would save billions.

4 thoughts on “When Midwives Compete for Births, the Public Wins

  1. A similar point was made from an Australian politician, Mr Laming, in the House of Representatives yesterday:

    “Can I cast some light on two concerns: The first one — and it sounds awfully callous and very focused on cost-effectiveness — is that mums who deliver at home deliver an enormous saving to the healthcare system. That is not the pervasive consideration here, but let us remember that the thousands of dollars in bed days, the enormous risks of high-intervention deliveries — the use of forceps and vacuum extraction — and the ballooning number of caesarean sections come at a cost. The savings from homebirths would more than pay for extending indemnity to those mums who seek it and who are low-risk.”

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  3. This was a great video, the link to which is worth emailing to our congress critters to wake them up!! There is a REALLY good reason why a number of states already recggnize CPMs: Because their services are cost effective and compassionate! They are competent! They are service-oriented! And they TRUST BIRTH!

    Competency, compassion, service, and trust in birth… these are the heart and soul of midwifery and what will prove to provide best support for sustainable maternity care. Integration of out of hospital birthing is the innovation now necessary and what is for the most part missing on the continuum of reproductive care offered in North America.

    The irony is that North American women could have the most wide range of reproductive health care options available, but it is the medical trade and allied provider organizations, their members as well as related industries who don’t want accessibility to ALL the choices (including UC) because it would mean that they that be must give up the MOM-opoly they’ve enjoyed. It’s irrational at best and constitutes fear/greed-based restraint of trade and typical knee-jerk reaction when the hold on power and control is threatened. It’s simply illogical when considered within the context of the financial and health (maternal/infant mortality) crises at hand.

    In simplest terms: Who doesn’t welcome savings while receiving quality (and very possibly superior) services in better comfort? C’mon, North America! WAKE UP! NOW!

    Midwives and doulas support a brighter, more sustainable future in EVERY community and country!

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