What NOT to Say When a Woman says “We’re pregnant!”

There’s only one appropriate response when someone says “I’m Pregnant”. The response is “Congratulations! how wonderful” and then, keep very quiet. You will be told what you need to know and what you aren’t told is none of your business. Here’s a pre-emptive reaction to all the ‘not so helpful’ things people say. It was the FB status of Kasie Monchak when she announced she was pregnant with her 7th child today.

Quoting Kasie: “ Let’s get this out of the way early.

We aren’t Catholic.
Or Mormon.
It was planned.
We know what causes this (and we are very good at it, too!).
We own a television.
I am aware of birth control.
Yes, seven. No, I am not kidding.
They are all ours.
Are we done? Are my fertility and sex life really your business?
We are not finding out the sex.
We are having another family birth.
Yes, that means no doctor.
Or midwife.
Yes, it’s legal.
Yes, that means no epidural. How did you guess?
I catch my own babies. No one “delivers” them.
No, I’m not brave.
Or crazy.
No, you may not touch my belly.

I think that covers it.”
(end of quote)

Thanks, Kasie, for this reminder and BTW, “Congratulations, how wonderful!425pregnant.jpg” Gloria

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