What I see first thing in the morning is:

I was asked to answer these questions by an Australian online magazine called “JOY”.

What I see first thing in the morning is…my bed canopy and blue curtains (unfortunately Robert Redford lives somewhere else)

The moment that changed me forever was
…when the midwife placed my daughter, Genevieve, on my thigh and she squeezed my skin with her little baby hand as if to say “Hi Mom, we made it.”

The most amazing thing I ever made was.. 3 daughters

My favourite book is
Daughters of Copper Woman by Ann Cameron

I adore being…cute, funny and brilliant

Give me a broom and I’ll make you some…clean kitchen floor (was that a dumb question or is it just me?)

My perfect date would be…me, Robert Redford, on that boat in “Indecent Proposal”

As a blind date, I would be…a complete fraud until I got the poor guy into my trap

When my style is in fashion, it will be…a foggy Friday

Yesterday I
…had a Blessingway Ceremony for an almost-due woman. Her 17 y.o. daughter was there, too. I attended her birth 17 years ago and it’s so nice to be looking forward to attending this one, as well. Life is good.

6 thoughts on “What I see first thing in the morning is:

  1. I have some extra questions for you in this style, that I have wanted to ask you for awhile.

    Let me know when you want them, and I will forward them along for you to share.

  2. You are an amazing woman Gloria and an source of never-ending inspiration to my husband and me. We would love to give the world another baby and were talking of going to Canada to see you for the birth.

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