Water birth

When I first saw this birth video from Australia, I thought it was an unassisted birth. I think if more midwives could stand back and leave women to catch their own babies and families to celebrate in their own way, midwives would have a better reputation. Congratulations to all.

14 thoughts on “Water birth

  1. That is amazing and uplifting – you can tell so much about a woman’s confidence in birth and her midwife’s trust in the process because it takes a few minutes before you even see that there is a midwife involved!

  2. I cried of course. There is something so special about being the first hands to touch your baby. Thanks Glo for that gift.

    love Jenny

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  4. Beautiful!! My birth was very much like this, and so far all of the births I’ve attended as an apprentice have been mama catching. I’m glad to be learning to be this kind of midwife!

  5. Midwives who understand the basic needs of birthing women and babies – as Michel Odent and others know – do stand back and protect the woman’s privacy and instincts!

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