Water Birth


I don’t know who these photos belong to or any details of the birth. I love the way she throws her head back when the head is crowning. That coaching we see so often to “tuck the chin down to the chest” is so wrong. The woman knows how to do the ejection of her baby and adusts her spine just right. I also wondered how anyone could give birth with that necklace on but, then, when I see that little baby reach up and hold onto it right away, I think “Maybe this will be a new trend!”

Updated Jan 12, 2016 My friend and colleague, Jessica Austin, traced down the source of the photos and obtained permission to expand the photos and publish in English the background story. See the post on her blog, Birth Takes a Village http://www.birthtakesavillage.com/the-home-birth-of-clara-a-luz-do-parto/ Thanks for doing that, Jessica. I like to give photo credits wherever I can.

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  2. This is so beautiful. I tracked down the original post by searching the image! It’s a birth story from a woman in Brazil. The birthing woman is a doula herself, and the photographer is doing a project called A Luz Do Parto. I asked the photographer if I could translate the story from portuguese into English and shared it. It’s a long one, but it’s lovely.

    Here’s the website where the original came from: http://aluzdoparto.com/2015/11/30/quando-a-clara-chegou/

    (And the translated story: http://www.birthtakesavillage.com/the-home-birth-of-clara-a-luz-do-parto/)

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