May 4 to 5, 2011 in North America

Virtual International Day of the Midwife May 5th 2011 “The World Needs
Midwives Today More Than Ever”

Welcome to the Virtual International Day of the Midwife (VIDM) which
celebrates the International Day of the Midwife. This is a FREE ONLINE
CONFERENCE which presents online events every hour for 24 hours on the 5th May starting at 12 pm New Zealand time (note this is Wed May 4 evening in N. America). All are welcome including midwives, students and anyone interested in birth and maternity care.

Full schedule and info here

There’s an easy to use time converter.

Here’s a sample of some of the free classes and speakers:

The Resilience of Midwives
Lorna Davies, N.Z. via the UK

Ungloved and Observing
Gloria Lemay, Canada

If I had a Daughter
Patricia Harman, U.S.A.

Keeping Birth Normal. The Ethics of Being With Women
Lisa Barrett, Australia

Battleground Internet

Laureen Hudson, U.S.A.

The day starts at noon on Thur, May 5 in New Zealand. It is very easy on the link to get the time conversions for anywhere in the world. (For me, on the Pacific coast of N. America, it starts on Wed, May 4 at 5 p.m. for instance. I am the second speaker and my talk will be Wed at 6 p.m. (Pacific) 7 p.m., 8 p.m., 9 p.m. Eastern in N. America)

I hope you’ll join in for this free educational day to celebrate midwifery
worldwide. Gloria


  1. Here’s a report on the day from a woman in Lisbon, Portugal who marathoned it. Gloria

    Survey for the Virtual International Conference of the Midwife Day 2011

    free recordings of the Conference:

    What did I like most… uhmm

    So Many things!!!

    Lorna Davies, “The Resilience of Midwives”. Resilience is a theme that touches me, coming from a Developing Country you can easily be put down by so many devastating factors. Some countries are Hit with natural disasters others are hit with War devastation for many years and generations.

    Gloria Lemay, “Ungloved and Observing” . Hands off Midwifery approach with Gloria Lemay is Precious!!! Respect and Trust Woman’s Bodies! How sacred is that 🙂

    Patricia Harman, “If I had a Daughter” (What would I want her to know) is just Wonderful, what can we transmit to our next generation or friends in our circle so Fear is not present.

    Lisa Barret, “Keeping Birth Normal. The Ethics of being a Women”. Ethics!!! Makes me wanna scream!!! “Do No Harm; Trust Birth; Justice; Autonomy” Love Lisa! Shout it out!

    Daniel Gleeson , Midwifery Lecturer, Griffith University, Australia , “Learning to Breastfeed and Working it Out” Importance of being there for mothers, support for breastfeeding, How Important! How many babies futures become harmed by lack of Mama support?

    Joy Johnston, Midwife-blogger, “The Midwife’s Journal”. Blogging!!! awww 🙂 Inspire others to Blog!!! keeping up to date and educational support! We need to get the word out!

    International Motherbaby Childbirth Organization. Changing Maternities to become more Friendly! A dream to fulfill around the world.

    Dallas Knight, “Are Midwives Planning to Consider the Different Characteristics and Needs of Gen Z Women?” Technology… internet, where would we be? 🙂

    Jan Checketts & Elizabeth Mulligan, “The experiences of a new graduate midwives working in New Zealand and the UK” Sadly many new graduates feel hostility from midwives already working in a health system, Bullying seems to be something that does happen

    Laxmi Tamang, “Maternity Care and Midwifery Education in Nepal”. Great to hear her facts, Developing countries with high maternal death. see “Birth in Nepal”

    Pam Harnden “Student Midwives Learning in the Online World”. Online Midwifery Courses, online learning, great to

    have feedback from all who attended 🙂 very motivational to see others in the same struggle.

    Sarah Stewart, Lorna Davies, Leilani Johnson, David LaPierre, Jamie Ranse, “How Can I Help? Improving Midwifery Responses to International Disasters”. Do we need to creat a group for Midwives and Doulas when International help is needed? Yes we do, doors are closed for us. Leilani Johnson

    Jim Campbell, “The State of the World’s Midwifery 2011: Delivering Health, Saving Lives”.Knowing the State of the World’s Midwifery reminds us we are not alone in struggle, Great Job!

    Julie Neild, “Occupational Therapy Intervention with Antenatal Women on Bed Rest”. “Mothering means Changing Life Roles: New coming of a baby, lost paid employment, less time with partner.” Pointing out that Woman need more Emotional support, wether in health facilities or at home. Very Important also for mama and baby bonding, and Mom’s mental health too!

    Melissa Hatter, “The View From Both Sides: Midwifery-Assisted Birth Experience of a Student Nurse-Midwife”. And here we have a nurse midwife who realises that birth has too many interventions in hospitals and does not wish that for herself or her clients! How come most nurse midwives don’t? or is it more like they can choose not to birth that way because they have been Empowered by education? Then why aren’t most of nurse midwives Empowering Woman in Hospital Births???

    Jette Aaroe!!! “An explorative journey into evidence and prenatal care practices”. “Explore what technologies such as the Pinard and the Doptone do in antenatal care practices. Unlike, obstetric texts that subscribe to an essentialist approach to technology and the body, I will present a post-constructivist and non-essentialist take on technology.”

    Uau! “Evidence based method Can Silence Productive Practices” how powerful is that? why are we using so much unecessary technology in prenatal care???

    Joke Habben, Head of Midwifery, Aarhus University Hospital, Denmark, “Digital Communication in New Midwifery Practice” “Authenticity – Professional and Personal Trustworthiness of the Caregiver” 🙂

    Susan James, “The PINE(pathways for interactive narrative education) Project ” – Recruitment of Content Authors : Various disciplines; Everyone Has a Story to Tell.” sounds like ancient passing of knowledge through story telling. Let’s Bring that Back 🙂

    Was nice to see a bit of History in Midwifery Education.

    Very Important, Jenny Hall, “Spiritual Notion in teaching” how much do you give credit to Spirituality? In prenatal care, pregnancy and birth?

    Sonya Cameron, PhD student, University of Otago, New Zealand. “Baby-Led Introduction to Solids”

    And this was a Great Surprise! Baby Led Weaning! I have fed two children, how much would I have changed? A lot! We tend to believe that introducing solids in purees and table manners such as utensil use will be best. We don’t allow a natural approach to solid feeding, we Over Feed our kids in fear of doing it all wrong! Very Important Topic. Many Myths here that have to be broken down!

    Mary Sidebotham, “What role can Student Midwives play in Supporting Normal Birth”. And the very Last one, Supporting Normal Birth. “The danger of normalization, Women loosing their Faith to Believe in their Ability to Birth.” The Important role to Empower Women. Education is Key to Freedom of Choice. Freedom to chose is Powerful.

    All of these were My Highlights of this Wonderful Conference.
    Waiting for more next year 🙂

    Yara de Victória Pereira Ramos
    Angola / Portugal

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