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  1. aww sweet. that looked like such a happy birth.

    I have a question! that looked like a lot of blood coming out with the baby. I didnt bleed with my births until after the placenta. where is the blood coming from? I always wonder that when I see births with what looks to me like a lot of blood. is it from tears?

  2. That looked like meconium to me? Sometimes breech babies squeeze it out when they pass through their mother’s vagina just like head downers squeeze fluid out of their lungs.

  3. Yes, it’s just the normal thing you see in a vaginal breech birth. The meconium squeezes out of the little bum like toothpaste out of a tube.

    Here’s some more thoughts I had on the video which were posted to Facebook:

    Gloria Lemay
    The reason that breeches are best done out of the water (in my view) is that you might get a situation where the baby’s mouth is birthed and you can establish an airway for the baby and, from that point on, you can take your time with a bit… of slow molding of the head. You can’t do that in water. The baby needs to breathe once the cord is being pinched that much.

    I wouldn’t fault these mws on anything they did/didn’t do. It’s a different dance when a multip is pushing a breech out than a primip breech. By telling a multip to blow away the pushing urge, pant, etc., the bum will come down to the opening of the vulva just as this one did without any maternal effort. Extra effort by a woman “going with her body” could bring the bum down rapidly prior to full dilation of the cervix. This is where you get “hung up” aftercoming heads.

    I’m very critical of meddlesome midwifery but, in this case, I wanted to kiss the midwife for a job well done.

    Rachel Reed Thanks for that Gloria – the blowing makes sense in that context for a multip. What would happen if the mama stayed on her side? I have only seen upright (or medicalised) breech births? Breech birth really is a lost art : (

    Gloria Lemay I like the breech techniques of Mary Cronk, a midwife from England. She advocates knee/chest as the best position for breech birth and I’ve found that to be most helpful in practice.

  4. Watching this birth was amazing to me! I had a frank breech baby in 2006. We had no idea he was in that position until I was fully dilated and starting to push. The midwives that I had didn’t have a clue as to what to do. I pushed for 5+ hours before finally giving up and heading to the hospital for a c-section. Our son was fine, but I sustained much damage to my uterus and almost bled to death during surgery. Thankfully, I had wonderful doctors that helped save my life. I suffered big time depression b/c of this experience. I hope no woman out there ever goes through what I did. Our son is now 4 and yet I still sometimes cry and long for the “real” birth experience. Thank you for posting this, I am so happy this mother experienced it!

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