18 thoughts on “Unwrapping a Nuchal Cord

  1. I love it! I’m constantly explaining to people that it’s not a medical emergency to have a little baby to cord action at a birth. Thanks. 🙂

  2. This is so great Gloria….this work is so important in a world where women are often dissuaded from choosing homebirth or unassisted birth with questions such “what will you do if your baby’s cord is wrapped around the neck?” A world that complicates the uncomplicated for profit and power….As if it takes a rocket scientist or even a midwife for that matter to unwrap a cord…. I mean really!

    • When planning my first homebirth that was one of the questions I got asked. The conversation went like this:
      “What will you do if the cord is around the neck??” (she was very emphatic when asking.)
      “Uh, unwrap it.”

  3. It is so important to get this information out there… there are so many births where sOB induce a pregnancy and when the baby comes out with a nuchal cord it gives them an automatic out for them to blame the baby’s breathing problems etc. Learning the truth about nuchal cords is so important.

    Thank you, Gloria, for sharing your vast knowledge =D

  4. Removing the fear of nuchal cords is one of the first steps to birthing unassisted. It should really be part of birth 101 for all pregnancies. Thank you Gloria for sharing your knowledge.

  5. Awesome video. I was watching this with the volume on around my love, and we had the most matter of fact conversation afterwards. So a nuchal cord? What did she do?

    She took it off.

    Love it. Such valuable information to share. Thanks very much.

  6. Gee, a mother can birth at home on her own? Wow! What a concept, lol! Maybe the survival rates for newborns and mothers will go up as more parents choose home birth. I’ve heard that many positioning problems during birth is due to the mother being forced to stay in bed on her back and not be allowed to move around. How’d people survive before OB’s? LOL! Great pictures!!

  7. Awesome video! My son was born a little over a year ago with a midwife assisted home water birth. During the half hour of pushing his heart rate would drop into the 70s and then back up to around 120 between contractions and resting and he also passed a lot of meconium. My midwife was great and being very experienced (over 2000 births) handled the situation well. I was put on oxygen to help the baby and pushed him out shortly after (no other intervention other than oxygen was used or needed). He was born with a 4x nuchal cord which my midwife unwrapped and then handed him to me after I turned around. Nothing else extra was needed for him and he pinked up pretty quickly and his breathing was great 🙂

    I wish people knew more about nuchal cords (as well as a lot of other things) and didnt think they were some big disaster waiting to happen.

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  9. Witnessed a dad trying to hand the baby to mamma and found cord like this…I said nothing, suggested nothing. He gently unwound the baby, rather than the cord. Later told me he thought it would be more harmful to the baby to touch or pull on the cord. That dad, by the way was my son.

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