Dark spot below the finger is the baby's wet hair

Baby's dark, wet hair is visible as the uterus has been opened

A cesarean is major abdominal surgery. One obstetrician made the following observation about the risk: of this operation:

“’If one went to the extreme of giving the patient the full details of mortality and morbidity related to cesarean section, most of them would get
up and go out and have their baby under a tree,’ [Dr. McDonald] said.”
[Neel J. Medicolegal pressure, MDs’ lack of patience cited in cesarean
‘epidemic.’ Ob.Gyn. News Vol 22 No 10]

Note From Gloria: Sept 2012, I had to change the photo on this post because the original photo was removed from Flickr. Many of the comments are about the original photo so this may not jive with the above photo. Sorry for the confusion.

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  2. The long term effects of cesarean section are seldom mentioned: difficulties with breastfeeding and effect on long term health of infant, routine use of antibiotics leading to antibiotics becoming less able to treat drug resistant bacteria, scars on the uterus and the impact on the health of future pregnancies.
    I have heard doctors explain cesarean section as if it is simply an elective procedure.

  3. I just wanted to leave a comment on the picture above. While the message of the zipper is clear, I just find two things odd, firstly that her belly is flat, skinny and flawless and also that she is wearing a wedding ring. I dream of the day when I will see in the media an average woman’s belly like my own, stretchmarked, pudgy and overhanging!
    Also from a woman who has intentially had two children without being married, I find the whole notion that child bearing women should be married to be oppressive.

    • Oh brother… I find people like you repressive. Maybe everyone should stop wearing wedding rings so we don’t offend your precious sensitivities. Funny how you act as if you are so empowered, yet a wedding ring in a photo offends you as if you were a three year old. I love how people like you feel empowered to express how outraged you are at (gasp) a married mother, but think anyone with an opposite opinion should not be allowed to express it. Sorry that daddy left home or some other guy has let you down. Not all guys are evil. Marriage isn’t evil…

  4. Kim if you took the time to click the link you would know that the picture above is a self portrait, Of a woman who went on to a a successful HBAC after having a cesarean with her first.

  5. Jazmin, I didn’t get that from reading the text below the picture. It says:
    “On a more personal note…my first son was born via cesarean due to hospital interventions and “failure to progress.” After becoming pregnant with our newest addition, I decided I wasn’t going to accept that it meant being cut open again. It meant I had to trust my body’s ability to give birth and not the system telling me that my body was broken. After extensive research and exploring, we decided our safest option was to give birth in the privacy and comfort of our own home. I gave birth in July of last year on our livingroom floor to a healthy 7lb 8oz baby boy.

    Our bodies aren’t broken, the system is. ”

    From that, I didn’t understand it was a self portrait. I thought perhaps she took a pic of another woman. Not sure, myself. Gloria

  6. It is the photogs belly. She is an online friend of mine. She said she edited out stretch marks but I believe her belly really is that flat lol.

  7. Gloria,
    As the photographer and subject for this self-portrait, I wanted to give a warm thank you for posting this. Back in January I started a self-portrait project on Flickr, and as a few of my photos from the project became more and more popular. I decided to use that popularity to share my HBAC experience and had hoped to raise some awareness. I never imagined it would extend beyond Flickr or Facebook.
    I know that this image portrays somewhat of a jaded view of a woman’s post-pregnancy body. My stomach, like many other’s, is not perfect like you see in this photo. This photo was manipulated, mainly because I wanted the focus to be on the graphic symbol, and I wanted this particular message to be clear…not to be directed at a woman’s figure or marital status.
    I do think it is a shocking image. Some have even called it disgusting. Though many will agree that there is nothing ‘pretty’ about a c-section. And what is more disturbing is our maternal-infant mortality rate, despite our rank as an industrialized nation. What’s more repulsive is the global cesarean rates reaching epidemic proportions. What’s more shocking is how many women are not taking charge of their birth…

  8. I wasn’t saying that the above picture couldn’t be of a mother, I know that some women can look pretty much the same after pregnancy. I was more highlighting the fact that we never see average looking women in the media but rather we are always presented with images of flawless and skinny women.

  9. I have 2 children.
    I have had 2 c sections.
    I have NO stretch marks.
    My belly is flat.
    I wear a wedding ring.
    I am married.
    I feel very empowered about my birth option. (BTW, I had no alternative)
    I am SICK of everyone judging everyones births options and being critcal of the choices WE make, or choices that are made for us.
    If it wasnt for my OB and Ultrasounds, my daughter may not be here.
    Simply put, I am PRO birth option that is best for the unborn.

  10. Women in Africa/Nigeria are constantly bullied into accepting “impossible to vbac” esp after 2nd c section, in spite of the patient’s fear of the surgical procedures, costs and other obviously known disadvantages. I guess we need help here. I should like to go for vba2c but a lot of people-lay/professionals would think me crazy if I mention it here in Nigeria even though the hospital I use is well equipped

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