Unique Family Portrait

shoesbigfamily by you.

One of my friends just had her 8th baby.  She sent me this photo which I think is such a touching way to depict a family.  You can see that they make more boys than girls in this family.  Jess waited so patiently as the boys kept coming until she finally had a baby sister, Beth.  Three of the boys are now as big as or bigger than Dad.  Dad has a masonry business and all the boys help out so you can see the male shoes are more work weary than the female ones.  One of the parents is a native of Australia so that explains the preference for Australian pull on boots.  They get their money’s worth from that footwear!

All the children were born at home except for the eldest boy.  All the babies have been born vaginally.  Two of the babies were born unassisted.  In this day and age of smaller families, it’s nice to celebrate a big clan of beautiful children with parents that love each other deeply.  Congratulations on the birth of Baby Trev.


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