4 thoughts on “The Real Birth Wars (video)

  1. it is a great song isn’t it? Powerful words. That is my sleeping dd2 at the end (in the bath with me). And the optometrist is my brother – he came with us to the Canberra Rally, along with my midwife mum and step dad plus baby-catcher dh and three activist daughters (holding their signs in the montage).
    We have a big fight on our hands. How bad does it have to get before the vast majority of people are shaken from the fog of complacency? Maybe materialism has sedated us?

  2. What an amazing video and song to go with it, it was so powerful. Dr Pesce said on Thursday that we only got 2000 submissions for the senate inquiry, but how many mothers wrote a letter to support him????
    Thank God we have some strong women (and men) who will stand up for their, and other womens’ rights with regards to birth.
    I agree angoraknitter, people are becoming numb and may-be they think they can’t make a difference. Well, at least that’s a better thought than thinking that they don’t care.

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