The Last Stand for a Vaginal Birth

Evidence, originally uploaded by gabi_menashe.

I’ve seen this scene so many times. It looks like this when the epidural has gone in and the woman has been wheeled off to the surgery to have her cesarean.

If she’d birthed in the bed, they would have put the mattress back together over top of those white foot pedals and there would be a lot of blood everywhere. Sometimes I wish I didn’t know things. Gloria

6 thoughts on “The Last Stand for a Vaginal Birth

  1. Hi Gloria-

    I always feel a little sad when I look around and see this at a birth. Usually, I am not permitted in for the cesarean and most often I am compulsively cleaning the room. Reflecting on this picture, I think I am trying to prevent this sad image from being present when the family comes back with their baby.

  2. Actually, if you look on the floor, there are empty packs of suture material, so this scene suggests that whoever was here just had their perinem repaired!

  3. That photo looks eerily like a carbon copy of the gurney’s they strap people to when they are going to execute them via lethal injection.

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