21 thoughts on “Teresa’s VBA3C after 12 days of released membranes

  1. I’m pleased that you love it, too. When I first saw this video, I was moved to tears—the incredible heart that some women have to overcome heartbreak and disappointment. Teresa has inspired so many women who have “gone to the underworld” to get their babies.

    Waiting out the days after the water breaks is nerve-wracking, too. She REALLY didn’t need that on top of her past history. She’s a heroine of the first order.

  2. WOW!! Love the fact that she showed the self improvement inbetween the CS & VBAC. I started crying too as soon as I saw the “transformation” Beautiful

  3. That’s an amazing story, not just the VBA3C but going 10 days, so glad she had midwives to wait with her through that and not transfer care. It gives me great hope for a VBAC in the future. My midwife relayed a study to me that showed women who gain more than 50lbs during pregnancy are more likely to have a cesarean. I don’t doubt that her increased physical fitness and strength had an impact on her delivery.

  4. I can’t find my words to express the awe that i feel about Teresa’s determination and beautiful execution of her dream/goal…
    She must have really educated herself and have good support..it’s beautiful to see how present her husband is.
    Thank you Gloria for finding and sharing such inspiration.

  5. That was so moving! Awesome! I can’t wait to have my own kids one day. Thanks for the inspiration of good health and taking care of what God has given us!

  6. What a beautiful story!! i had a vba3c too, and was so stirred with emotion watching this! what strength and determination, so inspiring! this mama rocks!!!

  7. My baby died because I went to the hospital…I was 30 weeks along and started leaking amniotic fluid. Totally stressed and lots of braxton hicks slowly squeezed the fluid from my belly. They gave me betammethazone to stimulate the baby’s l…ung growth…it also happens to be a medication used for people with auto-immune diseases, it shuts down the immune system. (my baby had secreted her own steroids un response to the temporary low water level environment). Since there was a leak I was at a hiigher risk for infection…the 2nd doctor I saw did a vaginal without any sterile procedure (the gloves weren’t even sterile, just from an open box on the wall…and 3 days later when my baby started showing signs of distress and infection I called for help for almost 8 hours…the nurses came and went but I never saw a doctor until she told me (in one sentence) the baby is dead, now you have to deliver it…in my opinion, ”Going to the underworld” to ensure my babies safety and my integrity is something I look forward to!

    • That is inexcuseable! I am so, so sorry for the loss of your baby. It drives me nuts how hospitals taut the possibility of infection after the water breaks as a reason to intervene. You know what causes infections? It’s not the water being broken, it’s you sticking your hands inside the unprotected womb! If the water is broken, keep your fingers out, end of discussion! Sterile gloves, unsterile gloves, it doesn’t matter. They all significantly increase the risk of infection. And that he was so harsh to you is the most inhumane thing. If your grandmother died, I doubt he would be so gruff about it, so why be such a jerk when it was your baby? I am so sorry you had to go through that.

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  9. Pingback: http://www.glorialemay.com/blog/?p=146 Teresa’s VBA3C, 10 days after SROM. Most inspiring birth video ever. #doula #midwife #birth | ChildBirth 101

  10. Just curious about the Dr in the earlier part of the labor. So this birth was attended by a doc as well as mw’s? Where did this birth happen (what state, if in the US)?


  11. I think the dr was a chiro or a naturopath, not an M.D. It was in the U.S.A. but it was a private family birth not dictated by the laws of that state. Teresa let me know today that the membranes were actually released for 12 days in total.

  12. I am standing at my computer crying in joy with goosebumps all over my body! What a beautiful, strong woman! The look on her face in the post-birth pictures… wow!

  13. Hi! I realize these comments are old but wanted to address them in the event anyone else has the same questions. The doctor in the video is actually a family practice doctor and also a midwife (she was a midwife for a number of years before returning to medical school). She’s a true gem :-). The “other doctor” later in the video who is shown talking to me with the baby in between us is the chiropractor. Also a gem 🙂

  14. I did see this before, but is refreshing every time! Way to go, Teresa! BTW, I was just with Keta in MD last week for the breech birth conference. She is such a sweetie, was so good to see her again. Nice to “see” you again too! keep up the good work. You are indeed a true inspiration! God bless you. Hope you have a fantastic Thanksgiving!

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