April 5th, 6th, and 7th 2024
Bowen Island, British Columbia, CANADA

Join us for the 1st Annual Wise Woman Postpartum Doula Retreat. Wise Woman Way of Birth will be at the Xenia Retreat Center on Bowen Island for 3 days and 2 nights, surrounded by beautiful nature, soaking up the palpable spirit of these healing grounds.

A replenishing experience for your body, mind, and spirit.
An immersive training in continued postpartum education.
A connection for the postpartum doula community.

“I have been dreaming of this retreat for almost two years now, since moving to Bowen Island. I want to bring together the community of postpartum doulas that has been building over the last few years to connect deeper in person. There are so many brilliant, fascinating women doing this work, and we can all be supporting each other to better support the families we work with. It started as this zygote of an idea to give doulas some of the skills they have been asking for and has grown into this immersive, healing, cup-filling retreat with a dream team of speakers!” Candice Johnson

Trainings will be focused on postpartum body and soul integration and normalizing infant sleep. Guests will be given ample time to enjoy the grounds, which include a walking labyrinth, trails connecting to Killarney Lake, indoor meditation and reflective spaces, visiting the famous OPA tree, and enjoying the infrared sauna. Meals are included.

“Xenia is a 38-acre Sanctuary in the heart of Bowen Island, one hour from downtown Vancouver and 90 minutes from our international airport. It is also surrounded by hundreds of acres of protected government forests and lakes. It is a place of safety and beauty. It is a place to heal, to rest, to play and to discover one’s true nature and inherent gifts.”
Please contact us for accommodation options and pricing.
1 604 786 5841
Xenia accommodations
and pricing for

Wise Woman Postpartum Doula Retreat

Oma Cottage

Enjoy this bright, private cottage with Queen bed and private bathroom. Relax and enjoy the meadow

below and Oma Tree, an ancient Maple.

The only private room with a private bathroom in the suite.

One spot available.

Creekside Cottage

As you enter this cottage, with its queen size bed and comfy couch, enjoy the picture window that
faces out to the creek and the luscious ferns and trees. Pause for a moment and have a listen to the
burbling creek. Watch the horses from the door as they munch in the meadow. The bathroom for this

cottage is located in the lodge.
One of the only private rooms.

One spot available.

Lodge Upstairs Bedrooms

Walk the small winding staircase to the upstairs rooms in the main lodge and choose one of our unique

little bedrooms.

There are 2 private bedrooms upstairs. One of the bedrooms faces the garden, the other faces out to
the trees and the road to the barn. They each have a single bed. The bathroom is located downstairs.

Two spot available.

Cedar Cottage

Spacious and bright with full size windows, there is a luxurious and open feel to this cottage. Look out
to the meadow and maybe you will see deer wandering through, maybe the horses will be out grazing

and geese dropping in.

Cedar cottage has 1 king size bed, and 2 single beds. Also includes an ensuite with shower, toilet and

Three spots available.

Maple Cottage

Walk a little further and open this door… as you enter Maple cottage, enjoy the roominess and the
rustic feel along with the wooden beams and the old claw foot tub. Look outside and say hello to Oma,
the maple tree that stands outside this cottage with her arms extended outstretched towards the sky.

Maple cottage has 1 queen size bed and 2 sets of bunk beds.
Also includes bathroom with bathtub/shower, toilet and 2 sinks.

5 spots available.

Garden Cottage

Immersed in the green cozy landscape of the Xenia organic gardens, you are safely ensconced amidst
the wooden gates, twinkling evening lights and narrow pathways. The sky is open for full view

bringing both the sun and moon for your enjoyment.

Garden Cottage has 1 loft bed the full length of the cottage and 2 single beds. The bathroom is a

short delightful walk through the garden to the lodge.

Three spots available.

Crystal Yurt

As you leave the garden gate and walk the gentle sloping hill, look to the left, there is Crystal yurt
waiting for you. Open the door of this yurt and enjoy the decor as the peaceful energy melts into your


Crystal Yurt has 1 queen size bed and a single bed. The bathroom is located in another building a few
steps away. If by chance you require a nighttime visit, the wonder of the night sky is there to

accompany you.
Two spots available.

Luna Yurt

Open the door into another of our yurts and experience yet another flavour. Enjoy the eclectic décor,
fun and bright. Be close to the outside as you are inside. If you listen closely, you may hear the

deer wander through and the owls calling out to you.

Luna Yurt has 1 double bunk bed (double on the bottom and single on the top) and 1 single bed. The
bathroom is located in another building a few steps away. If by chance you require a nighttime visit,

the wonder of the night sky is there to accompany you.

Three spots available.

You can view pictures of all the accommodations on the Xenia website at this link:


Fill a cabin with a friend/friends and save 5% each.

Wise Woman Postpartum Doula Retreat