Soothing words for birth

When women start out on the path of birth work, they fear they won’t know what to say to the birthing woman. Quiet is more important than talking. A few words spoken at the right time can renew a woman’s sense of safety and resolve. Practicing saying soothing things out loud will make the words come easy when the time is right. Some things that might be appropriate to encourage a birthing mother:

“It’s safe to let go”
“You only have to do this one”
“Breathe right down into it, it’s safe to go there”
“Breathe oxygen down to your thighs, that’s it. . . breathe in oxygen and breathe out with loose lips.”
“What you’re doing is ancient. . . your mother, your grandmother and your great grandmothers all the way back have done this. They’re all proud of you tonight.”
“If you’re doing this well now, I know you’ll make it through. Each sensation brings you closer to holding your baby in your arms”.
“I’m so proud of you. You’re doing beautifully”.
“Let’s begin this birth anew. Just let your breath wash away the past 5 hours and let’s begin now at the beginning.”
“Breathe some good oxygen breaths for your baby.”
“There’s lots of room for the baby to come through”.
“You’re stretching beautifully. . there’s more space than you know”
“Just let the baby get itself born, you get out of the way”

Gloria Lemay, Vancouver BC Canada

Canadian midwife with client

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