Reports from Anti-Vax presentations in Alberta

I’ve had two personal reports in my mail this morning from people in Alberta who attended the seminars in Calgary and Edmonton with Andrew Moulden, M.D. I’m very concerned about pregnant women and children receiving this flu vaccine and want as many people as possible to be warned of the dangers. Gloria Lemay

Hi Gloria,
How are you? You probably know this already but just in case. I went to a vaccination seminar last night (5 hours) and it was very thorough. So here is my report (from Edmonton, Alberta):

1. The information provided was to inform against vaccination.
2. We were highly encouraged to not vaccinate for the H1N1, especially if you are pregnant. The additives/preservatives affect child’s brain development as well as their organs. The paper insert of the vaccine says that pregnant women should not take the vaccine b/c of the amount of alluminium is too high and would be toxic for the fetus. There will be another ingredient called squalene inserted instead in the November flu vaccine. But this ingredient is also highly controversial.
3. Vaccine goes to baby when you breastfeed
4. Most additives/preservatives are poisonous to the human body. There has been a debate about whether or not they are poisonous in small quantities and research has demonstrated that even in trace amounts they are poisonous.
5. Theses poisons are : alum, mercury, lead, alluminium phosphate, arsenic, anti-freeze, phenol, acetone, formaldehyde, glycerin, monosodium glutamate, cadmium.
6. There are also animal ingredients and our bodies react adversely to these tissues. The body will attack itself because it sees these tissues as foreign agents. This is linked with the development of allergies in adult life as we start having auto-immune issues. These ingredients are fecal matter, calf serum, rabbit brain, pig and horse blood, monkey kidneys, yeast proteins, and aborted baby tissue.
7. Vaccines cause ischemia (impaired blood flow). This lack of oxygen going to the brain causes microvascular strokes in the brain which cause palsies as well as speech and comprehension pathologies. These stokes can heal (especially if the dose of vaccines was small) but the more strokes we have the slower the brain recovers.
8. Suppresses baby’s ability to develop their own immune system
9. Causes a number of illnesses: cancer, dementia, diabetes, infertility, autism, learning disability, bipolar, attention deficit disorder, chronic fatigue, asthma, etc.
10. Vaccines did not eradicate illnesses. They were introduced when these illnesses were already going away. What got rid of major diseases was increased sanitation, personal hygiene, fresh food, and clean water.
11. learn for yourself. make an informed decision. Ask doctors/nurses for the list of ingredients as well as the paper insert that comes with all vaccines that gives you the contra-indication information. Check out websites:

So that’s for the CON side we hardly ever hear about…
Love C
Hi all,

I was at a 4 hr vaccine clarity seminar this evening (in Calgary, Alberta). It was AMAZING. I bought his DVD.
He spent 15+ yrs in western medicine and trained as a neurologist, brain physiologist and his website is chock full of info and a newsletter you could join, etc. I was BLOWN away.

Here’s his background + website

Dr. Andrew Moulden, MD
PhD Neuroscience
MA Child/Language and
BA Biological Psychology

Your definitive medical information to ANY sponsored mandatory vaccination program including H1N1, swine flu, influenza, or any other plague or infectious disease to come.

• Indisputable forensic medical evidence on how vaccinations affect the body.

• See and understand for yourself how H1N1 impacts humans and companion pets alike.

• Vaccinating Decisions – it all starts with you.

And from world-famous Dr. Mercola:
Get the truth about vaccinations…. You will be empowered “big time”


3 thoughts on “Reports from Anti-Vax presentations in Alberta

  1. I was understand the impression that Canada hasn’t done any testing and is just going off the test results acquired in Europe?
    Getting a vaccine bypasses the bodies first immune response. They are injecting a disease into your body and hoping your body reacts properly to create an immune response, they know it isn’t 100% effective, they think it … Read Moreis more around 70% effective.
    Pregnant women aren’t at a higher risk for H1N1, just more likely to have a more serious case. I think the best approach is to boost the immune system naturally with supplements, nutrition and hygiene. She should see a homeopathic or Naturopathic doctor. My grandfather’s doctor told him not to get the vaccine because it isn’t safe, and my grandfather is not in the best shape, he would be in the high risk group. But his doctor is a smart man. I also am aware of several doctors who are advises patients not to worry about getting this vaccine.

    I also think she should check this website with information on the Canadian vax.

    Please note this a government website.

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