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“Dr. Dermot W. McDonald of the National Maternity Hospital in Dublin, Ireland suggested that the medicolegal pressure to perform a cesarean may abate only when mothers begin suing physicians for assault, alleging that they were not given fully informed consent…

“’If one went to the extreme of giving the patient the full details of mortality and morbidity related to cesarean section, most of them would get
up and go out and have their baby under a tree,’ [Dr. McDonald] said.”

[Neel J. Medicolegal pressure, MDs’ lack of patience cited in cesarean
‘epidemic.’ Ob.Gyn. News Vol 22 No 10]


Irish physician McDonald’s remarks accord with the 1990 findings of British research statistician Marjorie Tew who concluded that the British maternity system is run by obstetricians who “withhold and pervert knowledge in order to maintain public ignorance and delusion.” [Tew M. Safer Childbirth? A critical history of maternity care. London: Chapman and Hall, 1990.]       


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