Pumping Breast Milk by Hand

Here are some links to videos about how to hand express milk from the breast.  Comments are by the lovely lactation consultants at Lactnet (email list).

Here are a couple to consider:


(maybe not the classic technique, but can’t argue with those spurts of milk!  Also shows a pump flange being used as a funnel into a bottle.)


a round-up:


Margaret Wills, IBCLC

Pamela, Rachel also mentions the animated graphics on Victoria Nesterova’s website- do you know this site? http://breastfeeding.narod.ru/expressanim.html

She has other treasures on this great site. I find it transcends language barriers (though you can “translate” it online easily if not elegantly!).

Margaret and Susan – that’s brilliant!  Thanks so much.  I definitely liked the first link Margaret gave – the one described as “not the classic technique” but I completely agree – you can’t argue with those effective, strong spurts!  That’s what I’m used to seeing when mothers express by hand effectively.  Lovely!  Thanks!

The one showing the Marmet technique had me whispering, “cup the breast, cup the breast” but alas, the mom was instructed “not to”,

with predictably slow and ineffective results … 🙁   The best

hand-expressers I’ve seen use all the fingers below the areola to squeeze inwards, and the milk gushes out – and I see that the diagrammatic video you suggested, Susan, uses all the fingers.  Wonderful.

cup the breast, hand expression 

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