1. Thank you so much for sharing Gloria. Filling away your tips in the back of my mind…perhaps one day I’ll find someone as half as amazing as you to teach me the art of Midwifery.

  2. I love them. Especially at a birth, if you’ve got someone that’s a bit shocky, it’s so nice to just have the auto pilot give you an accurate reading. Yes, I do find they work very well as far as accuracy.

  3. How do you find the german fetascopes compare to the unicorn style? I use a pinard to listen during prenatal visits and use my cheap unicorn-style fetascope for the parents to have a listen. However, pinard use is limited in labour unless the position the woman adopts is conducive, and I find my fetascope sometimes tricky to use (although it works fantastically well under water- cover the bell tightly with plastic wrap or plastic bag- somehow the water amplyfies the sound) so I am interested in a more flexible AND easy option.

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