Photos from Canberra, Aus. via Vancouver BC, Canada

More than 2000 women, men and children gathered in the rain on the steps of Parliament in Canberra, Australia to protest government threats to homebirth

  Lisa Barrett (l) and Sally Amazon (r)

Blokes help the cause and bring a little humour.

Great quote from a friend of Lisa Barrett’s on FB:  “A woman’s place is in the struggle.”

9 thoughts on “Photos from Canberra, Aus. via Vancouver BC, Canada

  1. My 1st baby was with a non medwife attending in Canada.
    My 2nd baby was born unassisted but with competent non medwife available on call in Canada.

    My 3rd baby (or will it be twins) will be born in Australia. I will leave the decision as to attended / unassisted until I am actually pregnant and my intuition kicks in. But I hope to God that I don’t feel the need to search for a homebirth midwife.

    A midwife can get fined $30K for attending at home and I can get fined $30K for asking her under the proposed scheme. How can I even ask around?

  2. Gloria I just happened on your blog from ozmidwifery email list when I found a photograph of my dad at the Homebirth Rally in Canberra today the 7th of September. I think he’ll be tickled pink at his photo posted on a Canadian Blog. My parents traveled to Canberra in support of the work I do as a midwife in private practice. You can find more photos on my blog at

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