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  1. Hi Gloria
    A doula friend of mine has started your online course and is wrapped in it. I was just wondering if its possible for people who are not midwives or doula’s to participate?

  2. Hi Jen, anyone can take the course but it does help to have a bit of background. There’s a yahoogroup for each class and you can learn a lot there. Some women say they like to watch the recording of the class a few times after so that they can pick up some things they missed in the original class. Gloria

  3. yes Tosha, if you email me the names of the classes you want to watch, I’ll send you the invitations. Send to Gloria Lemay birth(at)uniserve.com

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  6. I am interested in the courses online and would like to know where and how to get started. Please contact me.
    Thank you.

  7. Dear Gloria:

    I am so happy and greateful to see your work. I am of Polish origion, used to live in Vancover and now settled down in India i Goa. I am planning to open the birthing center here. I am doula, yoga teacher and child birth educator, now thinking of midwifery course. How does your on line program work? Do you record lectures or its just a reading material? Is the certification thet you are giving recognised world wide? How long does it take to compleet?
    Love and light

  8. http://onlinemidwiferyed.blogspot.com/2011/09/midwifery-101-live-online-classes-on.html
    Midwifery 101, Classes begin on Thur Oct 11, 2012 (this is an update) and continue into 2013. $150 for 20 live, online classes with Gloria Lemay, 60 mins long.

    Midwifery 102, Classes begin on Thur Oct 4, 2012 and continue to 2013. $89 for 10 live, online classes with Gloria Lemay, 60 mins long.
    These classes are designed for students who have completed the Midwifery 101 course. (2 semesters of 10 classes each)

    For times and lots more information on how to join WizIq and a free sample of a class, see the links above. Feel free to share this post.

  9. Hi Gloria,
    Is it too late to join the on going Thursday Midwifery 101 classes? I will catch up and view the first 3 I have missed, and I may also have to view some of the other courses that way as I have 2 little ones and a busy schedule but I am passionate about birth, and was a practicing Doula before my 2 sons came along. I would like to further my knowledge and I think your courses are the perfect way for me to do this.

    Thank you for offering such much needed wisdom to women and making it accessible, heartfelt, and filled with your many years of life experience. Such a gift.

    Chelsea Wise

  10. Hi there – I am trying to find an online courses dedicated to learning more about vbac births. As a birth doula, I have my first experience with vbac coming up this year and would like to learn as much as I can. Please let me know if you offer a course and how I can sign up and if you don’t, would you know a good resource? Thank you!

  11. Hi, I was wondering if your online course gives me a certificate afterwards, and if it is recognised world wide or not. Thank you

  12. Hi, I was wondering if your program offers certification?! And what kind of experience is needed?!

    Thank You!

  13. This is a self study structured class and not for certification. There are tests you can choose to do or not but no examination, per se. Women of all different levels of experience have taken the classes. Pregnant women who want to find out as much as they can before giving birth themselves, experienced midwives, doulas and childbirth educators have taken the classes. Each class builds on the next so it’s important to get the first 4 before continuing on. If you’re new to the childbirth field, I would send you some links to read before starting the classes.

  14. Hello, 🙂 I am really interested in taking your course so that I can become a midwife and take it to do missionary work. I know this course does not come with certification but I am wondering if you think it would still be accepted by people in the missionary field and if it is pretty much the same as the certified midwife courses just without the paper work. I am really interested in doing this so if you could get back to me that would be great! Thank you. 🙂

    • Katie, the class is 20 hours of instruction and there is no “hands on” practise. Many of the women in the course are taking it with a friend and they “practise” after class on each other (taking blood pressure, checking urine, etc) or on women friends who are pregnant. I think if you told people in the missionary field that you had taken the initiative to take the course, they would be impressed but not necessarily “accepting” it as a complete course. One of the students in the last course went to Africa and arrived there very much a humble beginner. Because of taking my online classes, she was able to assert to the physicians that the umbilical cord should be left to pulse and that the baby and mother would do better if put skin to skin. The doctors followed her guidance and were amazed at the improvements in their patients. If you’d like to be put in contact with that student, let me know your email address and I’ll get you together with her.

  15. Hi Gloria,

    I am currently thinking about taking a midwifery course, however they are not offered in Winnipeg, MB. Are your courses recognized within the midwifery college of Manitoba?

  16. Hi Gloria,

    I have been recommended your midwifery course by a friend and would love to join the current course if it is possible. I currently live in India where the tradition of midwives has been lost which i think is a tragedy. Can I join now and catch up on the 6 classes I have missed or is it too late to start on this course?

    Thank you!

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