Newborn exam quiz

Test yourself with this quiz.  There is a 90 minute class online at which you can take as a recording for only $7.50 (U.S.). PEDIATRIC EXAM OF THE NEWBORN: It’s a Powerpoint presentation where you’ll hear me interacting with students as well as seeing the slides and receiving a handout of reading material.  It will get your newborn exam skills right up to par.  Gloria

Newborn Girl

Newborn Girl

1. The scoring system that rates a newborn’s physical wellness at one minute and five minutes is called an____________score.

2. The outside corner of the eye should be aligned with the upper edge of the ear. Yes No

3. It is normal for a newborn to turn bright strawberry red. Yes No

4. The average newborn baby is _________ inches long from crown to heel.
Choose from 14”, 18”, 23”

5. The normal newborn’s head circumference is _______inches when measured just above the eyebrows. Choose from 13.5” 16” 19”

6. A swelling on the crown of the head is called_____________.
Choose from hematoma, caput, cystule.

7. It is normal to have red blood spots in the whites of the newborn’s eyes. Yes No

8. A test done by heel pricking and obtaining blood on a blotting paper card on Day 3 or 4 of life is the_________test. Choose from APT, Coombs, PKU

9. The white cheesy coating on a newborn’s skin at birth is_____________.
Choose from Velamentum, Vicous, Vernix

10. A reflex on the newborn that is elicited by pressing with the thumb on the foot just below the toes, causing the baby to curl its toes toward the thumb is called the _______
reflex. Choose from Moro, Plantar, Babinski

11. The antibiotic eye ointment administered to some newborns to prevent gonorrheal infections is called _______________. Choose from Unguent, Polysporin, Erythromycin.

12. The little bumps that look like whiteheads on the newborn’s nose are called________. Choose from Rubella, Roseola, Milia.

13. Which of the following signs might indicate prematurity: weak suck, incomplete footprint, exposed labia minora, lanugo on shoulders, undescended testicles, a straight crease across the palm of the hand.

14. A normal heartbeat for a newborn would be: (choose one) 70 bpm 90 bpm 130 bpm.

16. How many bones in the newborn’s skull? _____ What is the shape of the anterior fontanelle?____________________

17. If you found a lump the size of a kidney bean on the baby’s chest just beneath the skin where the lower ribs meet, would that be a normal finding? yes or no?

18. What is the maximum amount of blood seepage you would want to see coming from the newborn’s umbilical cord stump? _______________tsp.

19. An axial temperature is taken under the: Choose from- tongue, arm, neck or knee?

20. Creases on the baby’s legs that do not match are an indicator of: Choose from: 1. congenital hip dislocation 2. club foot 3. spina bifida 4. broken bone

14 thoughts on “Newborn exam quiz

  1. Hi Alicia, yes, I’ll be posting the correct answers in the comments section (here) soon. And, question 15, where did it go. Let me check the original and I’ll get back to you, I’m sure it’s a tough one 🙂

  2. 1. Apgar
    2. yes
    3. yes
    4. 18
    5. 13.5
    6. caput
    7. yes
    8. PKU
    9. vernix
    10. Plantar
    11. erythromicin
    12. milia
    13. all except the crease across the palm (that indicates Down Syndrome)
    14. 130
    16. 5 bones, diamond shape
    17. yes, xyphoid process
    18. one tsp.
    19. arm
    20. congenital hip dislocation

  3. That was a trick question because, if you didn’t read the question carefully, you might have come up with the average length of the baby which is 19 inches.

    The biggest head circumference I’ve seen is 15″ and, of course, that was an average sized boy born to a tiny little woman. He’s smart as a whip (9 yr old)so I guess his slow, gently 6 hour second stage served him well. It would have been a mess if he’d been born in hosp.

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