New Midwifery 101 classes begin Oct 11, 2012

Quote of the day from Gwen Posey , Florida: “Have you ever thought about starting a career as a midwife? OR, are you a midwifery student? THIS IS THE SERIES of Classes you need. Gloria Lemay is a down to Earth, shoot from the hip, EXTREMELY knowledgeable midwifery teacher. She shares her knowledge and life experience WITH you. She treats you with honor and respect, while guiding you to the core of becoming a midwife.

I took her classes. I found a way to afford the few dollars per class. I have great respect in myself for taking this step! It was the right choice for me! It will be the right choice for you too…”

3 thoughts on “New Midwifery 101 classes begin Oct 11, 2012

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  2. Hey Gloria

    I’d also like to find out if you are planning on a course in 2013 & if yes, when you are thinking of starting.

    Thank you,


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