UPDATE Nov 2020 This film is now available as a download only. Features include:

1. 9 Home births without narration
2. 30 min PSA by Nocirc.org featuring Dr. Dean Edell
3. 25 min “The Prepuce” by Doctors Opposing Circumcision. A film for medical students on the importance and function of the male foreskin.

Price: $14.95 (US)
Available on Vimeo at this link: https://birthwithglorialemay.vhx.tv/
There is a narrated copy of the film for purchase at the same site.

“About four years ago I got fed up with all these home birth videos on the net that had very emotional music and voice overs with text popping up on the screen telling the viewer about what was going on. It truly made me mad that I could not show my clients a real birth. Then I trained as a Birth Works childbirth educator and in our class we listen to real birth sounds to guesstimate where the birthing mother was in her process (audio only). A year after my second child was born I posted my RAW birth video as a teaching tool on the internet for the women in my class – no music to tug on your heart, no text manipulating your thinking or your experience. The video was so well received for its honesty that I have never taken it down and only wished there were many more around to truly educate women about birth (www.gentlebeginnings.ca). When I watched Gloria Lemay’s new birth video I was so relieved that the births featured were not doctored (pun intended) and instead presented the raw experiences in the moments, the sounds, the lights, the real happenings, warts and all. I have thought for a long time that prettying up a birth video sets women up with unrealistic expectations, and can actually harm them. Gloria’s video is beautifully real, amazingly wonderful, educationally priceless, and … honest. I loved every minute of it. I was very excited about the option with a voice over giving background info, and of course the two NO-CIRC features are a must see for every person in the world. Thank you Glo.”
Veronika Polanska, Childbirth Educator, Vancouver, BC Canada

For more information and reviews, see the Facebook page “Birth with Gloria Lemay” and be sure to like it

To view another review of the dvd go to this related post: http://www.glorialemay.com/blog/?p=630


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  2. I just ordered–no overseas shipping–will have someone bring it over for me. Can’t wait to see it; sort of feels like I get to apprentice with you for a bit, you know?, just by watching. Anne

  3. I’m in QLD Australia-not too far from the Sunshine Coast, what is the deal then-I am utterly confussed reading all the replies here =P
    So I make a paypal payment or should I get in contact with someone here who has a stockpile of them?

  4. I would also like one. Am located in Sydney, Australia.

    It seems there are a few of us here wanting it. Is it possible Gloria that you can have someone here onsell or distribute it for you, that way you are sending a box load and not just individual dvds?


  5. Global Priority is trackable and insured (I believe) and is about $10 for a DVD in one of the small packets, and will get to Australia in 10 days or so. Air Mail (padded envelope) is generally a bit less than that, and will get here in 2-3 weeks, in my experience. Do not send anything via surface mail to Australia, you will never get it and it’s not trackable or insured.

    (From an American expat who does a LOT of international internet shopping!)

  6. Hi Gloria,
    I’m loving your classes and have renewed my passion for home births.
    Was hoping to take advantage of your offer but can’t find the link for payment. Any thoughts?
    warm regards,

    • Hi Melanie, you go to your own paypal account and make a transfer to birthdvd@gmail.com If you don’t have a paypal account already, you can open one for free and send an electronic cheque. I will send your dvd out as soon as they notify me that you payment has begun. Thanks Gloria

  7. Would you give a discount for multiples? I’m thinking of pooling together with some of my doula friends as I, and I think they, can’t afford nearly $40 for one DVD. If yes, how many would we need to buy and how much would it cost?

  8. Janet received the dvd’s. This is what she said on Facebook:

    Janet Fraser
    I watched your dvd yesterday, Gloria. I loved seeing births which were as individual as the women themselves, were women were held and supported by whoever they chose, where babies went in their mothers’ arms. I loved hearing the different sounds and seeing the responses of attending siblings who were almost overcome with excitement a…nd joy. My children loved it too and my daughter has already asked if she can watch it again this morning.

    Every time women see other women birthing without instruments and bright lights, it awakens our own bodily memories and reminds us that we can birth beautifully, however that is for us!

    Great to see the circ info on there too although I’m fortunate to be in a community where it never happens.

    If you live in the Sydney area and would like to purchase a dvd from her, here’s her email:

  9. Hi Gloria, I’m in Brisbane and could organise a pick-up from Sunshine coast if we had the contact for the distributor?

  10. Hi Gloria, can u let me know is your did in a format which will play in the UK?

    If so I would love to order a dvd or even take a supply for distribution – I am an independent midwife here in the UK.

    Many thanks

  11. Yes, the dvd is formatted for universal use. I’ve sent them to the UK, Holland, Hungary, Australia and they are working fine. Thanks for asking. Gloria

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  13. Hello lovely, I am writing a book about how to live an extraordinary life – i am including experts in their field – can I interview you about homebirth and what it means to begin your life like this… miss you tonnes…

  14. Hi Gloria: Grandchild on the way! Very excited about the DVD. Parents-to-be are definitely exploring options and I believe this video will be inspiring. Love to you, Carol

  15. hi gloria, i ordered this video on the 18th of march and it still hasnt arrived yet, i just wanted to check in to be sure you’d gotten my payment and to find out when you’d be sending it off?


    • Hi Sarah, thanks for ordering the dvd. It has been shipped so give it a few more days and let me know if it hasn’t arrived by the 13th of April —I’ll send you another if it’s lost in the mail. Gloria

  16. Watched this last night with some girlfriends who came over for dinner… a night of cooking and chatting about birth. Slowly converting my friends to women who understand the importance of the birth experience and staying out of the hospital. Thanks for this!

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