New: Class series on WizIq begin soon

New, Live Online Midwifery Classes on WizIq
Midwifery 101, Classes begin on Thur April 19, 2012 and continue to the end of August 2012. $150 for 20 live, online classes with Gloria Lemay, 60 mins long.

Midwifery 102, Classes also begin on Thur April 19, 2012 and continue to the end of August 2012. $89 for 10 live, online classes with Gloria Lemay, 60 mins long.
These classes are designed for students who have completed the Midwifery 101 course.

For times and lots more information on how to join WizIq and a free sample of a class, see the links above. Feel free to share this post.

Thank you for a great series of classes. I always laugh when I watch you and have enjoyed these classes so much. I have learned a great deal about how I hope to practice. Your love of your work shines through when you teach and I admire your respect for the women you serve. Trista Tetro

6 thoughts on “New: Class series on WizIq begin soon

  1. Hi Gloria!! If I do not sign up for the Midwifery 101 classes by tomorrow, will I still be able to join for the other classes?

  2. Hi Gloria,

    Is there a prerequisite to this class? I realize I have missed it completely but that is alright, you will be teaching more classes after this current class is over, right?

    I have a 4 year old and a 1 year old and am very interested in becoming a midwife. I’m currently trying to figure out the best way for us, as a family, to make this happen for me. We live on Vancouver Island and the idea that I could take a few classes like this online appeals to me. I’m not currently enrolled in a Midwifery program and have some upgrading to do beforehand. As well as a a year or possibly two of parenting! This class would look good on an application to a midwifery school as well wouldn’t? Everything you cover is so interesting to me anyway that I would love to enroll in this class!

    Thank you for your time in replying to me,

  3. Hi Gloria,
    I was hoping to join your next set of classes. Is it something I can do on my own time? I have a standing obligation every wednesday and would love to still take the course.
    Can I pay for the classes and watch at my leisure?

    Also what is your opinion of early ultrasound testing for women who have had recurrent miscarriage? I am wondering what would the doctors do if they saw something not “right” is there any outcome to a result of the ultrasound?
    Thank you for your time.


  4. Hi Gloria,

    I would love to join your next course of classes online. I am a pre & post natal yoga teacher and doula and am keen to keep building on my skills and feel I should know about midwifery in my field. You have been highly recommended to me by a friend who is doing your course at the moment.

    Could you let me know when the nest course is starting etc?

    Thank you so much!


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