3 thoughts on “My people at the Chicago Pride Parade 2009

  1. I’m sorry we didn’t have a designated AV person. We’ll see what turns up on Flickr and YouTube. If you would have seen us during the parade, it looked like this: 30 feet of empty street ahead of us, then I would be leading with the big blue banner, and then people holding the smaller placards would be back a couple paces on either side of me, then the vehicle, then two placard carriers behind it on either side to finish up. All around and amongst us, the other 6 of us without signs focused on handing lit to the people with their hands out. But we all passed out literature as the signs are all single-hand design. My dad was the driver again (while my wife had to take one daughter to a college thing and the other daughter had a music practice).

    It was a perfect way to celebrate the perfect weather.

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