Midwife's Psalm

The other day, I saw a post from the lovely Linda Bennett, midwife extraordinaire, that was a mother’s version of the 23rd Psalm.  Thanks for sharing that, Linda.  Whenever I see a great idea like that, I feel the need to adapt it to other applications.  So, here is a 23rd Psalm for all of you midwives out there.  Disclaimer: I’ve written it for you from my experience of being a midwife for 17 years prior to regulation in my province.  I am no longer a midwife (that is a title reserved in my province for members of the “College of Midwives of B.C.” and I am not a member of that organization.)

I am a midwife, I am safe in the world. I am allowed into the lives of others and am given the words that I speak. Yea, though I make mistakes, none are so great that they can not be forgiven. All I could want is supplied to me and my heart rises up with joy and gratitude. When I am afraid, I know that I am surrounded by a Presence mightier than the petty tyrants of this world. The only enemy I fear is the one within me. There is always an abundant table before me if I will but look and see it. My cup runneth over, if I say so. Surely, I am blessed to have a vocation that I love and that serves the Higher good. My heaven is here and now. In service, I find peace and tranquility and I dwell in the love of the moment, moment by moment. Ah woman.

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