Online Classes with Gloria Lemay on WizIQ

Classes for birth workers

Midwifery student

Cost 15.00 per 60 min session. You can choose individual classes or the entire curriculum of 20 classes ($150).
Pay by Paypal in advance to birth@uniserve.com
Once you have paid your fees, you will be sent the login code for the class. It is your responsibility to show up on time for the class, ready to focus and willing to do homework that is assigned. You log on but do not need to use a phone line. While in the WizIQ classroom, don’t have other applications running that take bandwidth e.g. Skype, Google Chat, Youtube, or large files downloading. You will need to have the latest version of FlashPlayer installed (10.1 or higher). You will be able to type questions or you can use a microphone to ask questions. If using a microphone, you will need to use earphones and not your speakers because the sound will bounce back.

WizIQ is free to register.
http://www.wiziq.com/gloria-lemay WizIQ only puts reminders on their website so you’ll have to keep track of your time commitment by scheduling it in your personal agenda.

See World Clock for the time in your area

It is fine for more than one student to be listening/watching and taking the class at any computer for the price of one. Most classes will have a handout and/or homework assignment. Please let me know if you have any questions. birth@uniserve.com

How Does the Classroom work?

1. go to WizIQ and sign in to your account
2. there’s a yellow button there to enter the class
3. the class will open up with a whiteboard, your name will appear on the right side of the board to say that you… are in the class, there will be a “chat box” in the bottom right hand corner. Type in a HELLO, I’m from _____________ message if you like. During the class, you can use that box to type questions for me. Don’t be fooling around with your friends in the chat box or you’ll be sent to the principal’s office (just kidding).

You’ll hear me and see a Powerpoint, videos etc on the whiteboard. If someone wants to talk on their own microphone, they can be given that capability by me.

Gloria Lemay, Vancouver BC

47 thoughts on “MIDWIFERY EDUCATION 101

  1. Oh how fabulous. Sadly it’s 3am in the morning for me in the UK. No chance of a podcast version? I’m starting at Uni in September on a midwifery degree, but this would have really helped me no end.

    Ah well x

  2. Thanks for your comment, Rachel, and I’m excited that you will be going into MW.
    If you want to listen to podcasts, go to http://www.blogtalkradio.com/search/waterbirthinwoman/
    Some good stuff there.
    I’ll be recording the class tomorrow night but the private classes, I won’t have that capability. I may upgrade to another level with WizIQ if I get enough people in the classes and then, I’ll have the recordings. One thing I do find tho, is that “live” works better to actually engage the listener. Will have to find a time for the UK/Europe crowd that works. The current schedule is good for N. America and Australia and N. Zealand. The classes are a day later in the afternoon down under.

    • thanks for this link, i’m in the EU with a slower internet connection and blog radio is working without a hitch (though i’m not so confident that skype would).

      I can’t wait for information on the series of lectures for our ‘corner’ of the world!

  3. Yes Gloria,

    I would love to attend as well, although that early in the morning isn’t exactly the best time. If you do a Europe class, I could send the word out to my contacts here …. although they are pretty much all your contacts as well, and try to get the numbers up enough to make it worth your time. Let me know!!! xoxo

    • This is the first series, Brandi. I’m planning to do another if this one works out well but it will be in a time slot that is good for women in Europe. I’ll be keeping everyone posted through my blog, Facebook and Twitter.
      You can follow me on Twitter at birthsage.

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  5. Hello!
    I was able to attend your recent “problems in obstetrics” on line class. I am so thankful to have been able to attend! My mother has decided to give me the gift of the rest of the Midwifery 101 series for winter holidays! But I did not notice a paypal button on your page anywhere.
    If you could direct me to how to pay for the classes I would very much appreciate it!!!
    Looking forward to your class!
    Rhie Lorenz Autumnberry

    • Hi Rhie, you just go to your paypal and send the payment to
      You’ll get a letter back giving you linking instructions to the private classes.
      Thank you. Gloria

  6. Hello! Could you please give me more info about this program? After the series where would I be on my path to becoming a midwife? I’m a new doula at this point.


    • Hi Terri, thanks for asking. Were you able to see the first class that is recorded?
      That will give you an idea of the conversation in the class. If you’re new to being a doula, it might be a bit too advanced for you. It’s geared towards women who are doing self study and/or practicing with a homebirth midwife.

      I’m offering it so that those women who want to ask questions or delve deeper into the subjects can learn from and interact with an experienced teacher. It can be difficult to get to midwifery conferences or schools when family duties or finances get in the way. I think that online classrooms will become more and more popular in the midwifery movement. Each woman will be at a different place when she finishes this course because each one is starting in a different place. Also, what each woman brings in terms of her self study before and after the classes and homework completed will make a difference.

      It’s being offered as a series for $110, but my commitment is to pack $1100 of value into each series of 19 classes.

  7. oh exciting! I saw this just a little too late to get in on the first one, but I’m definitely signing up! Thankfully 7pm Thursday Vancouver time is 2pm Friday for me, very convenient 🙂 (sometimes it’s useful living in the future!)
    Thanks Glo xxxooo

  8. I am studying to take the narm cpm exam in October. Will this class help me to be prepared to sit for this exam, or is it more basic for new/beginner apprentices?

    • Thanks for asking, Camille. I don’t think it would specifically help you on the NARM exam. The class is designed to focus on individual subjects and question the way we look at birth. Many things that I was taught as a beginner midwife were from the hospital birth paradigm. I’ve done a lot of unlearning as I’ve learned how women birth in their own homes. That’s what I share with others. . . those things that I’ve stumbled upon or been shown by studying birth in a natural setting.

  9. Hi Gloria-

    Thanks for this great opportunity. I am excited to learn what you have to teach. I agree with your assessment of the online classroom and its potential power in broadening access to excellent midwifery instruction and collaborative learning.

    Thanks again.

  10. I’ve been doing a lot of self-study for several years, both from places like ICAN and freebirthing communities as well as from midwifery textbooks & know the “basics”, like your first 2 classes, but due to inability to get hands on experience (since I have absolutely no intention of registering & Alberta being a bad place to try to get training), I have some gaps. Would taking some of the other classes like the prenatals one help fill in those gaps?

  11. I’m having trouble with your link Glo, the Wiziq links is broken.

    I’m looking forward to being able to attend some of your classes, I’ll be buying them individually as money & schedule allows. Can you buy the lesson just a few minutes before it’s scheduled to air?


      • sorry Kim, I wrote Amber privately about her question and should have posted here, too. You can sign in on the wizIQ site just before the class starts now because it doesn’t take any paperwork from me. Don’t leave it too late because there may be a delay in getting the email invitation but a few hours before should be allright.

        It is fine to pick and choose which classes you would like to attend. I have a yahoogroup going for the women who are doing the classes one by one so just let me know if you’d like to be added to that group for links and updates. Gloria

  12. I’d very much like to get in on these classes if it isn’t too late to start. I’m a mother of seven and a registered nurse working in a small rural hospital in Idaho. I’m currently training as a primary OB nurse (my specialty has been pediatrics for the past five years) and the more I can fill my head with what is normal and natural, the better chance I have at positively effecting the births of the women in my hospital. As a primary OB nurse here, I find myself in a role as doula/midwife to these patients. We do 1:1 OB care… no laboring patient ever has to share their nurse. And it will be my responsibility to manage 99% of the birth process (doctor doesn’t come until the very end) so I know that I have an opportunity to make a real positive difference in my community.

    I have already found that I can make a huge difference in doing the breastfeeding education with new moms at our hospitals… it is amazing the number of women who have NO information about normal breastfeeding and still believe in the myths from our grandmothers’ era! Many of them have never even heard of LLL! I can spend 20 minutes with a new mom and completely change her level of anxiety and openness to view breastfeeding as a process rather than something she needs to be “perfect” at or can “fail” at…

    • Elizabeth, you sound like a peach of a nurse. The series I’m doing right now is a very large group already (over 70 attendees every week). I wasn’t expecting that and, you can imagine, I’m having some breakdowns in handling the paperwork involved. I’ve let everyone know that the price is low so I can use them as guinea pigs and work out all the bugs of the system.

      I’m getting that done now and feel like I have a better handle on how to make it go smoothly. My recommendation is that you wait till the New Year when I will start two new groups at two different time lines. One will be good timing for women in Europe and the other will work for women “down under”. I just want to work out a few more “bugs” in this system first.

      In the meantime, I highly recommend that you read and print out an article that I had pub’d in Midwifery Today magazine that is used in many maternity units around North America. It is called “Pushing for First Time Moms” and it goes into fine detail how to prevent cervical lips and how to avoid primary c sections late in first stage or in second stage. Many doctors and nurses have written me to say that they especially study and use it on the midnight to 7 a.m. shift when the staff can work out of sight of administration eyes.
      Read it here:
      Midwifery Today Issue 55, Autumn 2000, available online in French and Spanish and Russian.

      In French http://www.midwiferytoday.com/articles/default.asp?t=pushingfr
      In Spanish <http://www.midwiferytoday.com/articles/default.asp?t=pushingsp>

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  14. Hello Gloria, what a marvellous opportunity. Especially for a mama. Wanting to register from Australia and am a little confused with how to? and where to pay.
    Thank you in advance.

  15. Andrea, thanks for the question. If you go to the latest post on this blog with the info for the special course for the women from Australia, it should answer all your questions.

  16. I wish there were a resource like this for those of us in the US! *sigh*. I am in doula training and hoping to be a midwife in the future, but there are very little resources for midwife training in my area. Direct-entry midwives have only been legal for a few years.

    • Sara, this is available for U.S. students. What time zone are you in? This class is 7 p.m. Pacific Standard Time which is 10 p.m. Eastern. Lots of the students are scattered across the U.S. You can take the classes week by week by going to the WizIQ link and clicking on the class of your choice. Gloria

  17. Hi Gloria,
    I’m wondering if you are still doing on line doula classes. I have e-mailed you a couple of times and am interested in all your on line courses. I will be on maternity starting in May and will have more time at home to do computer courses.
    I did do the advanced doula program on line with you on Conscious Woman, Inc. but didn’t complete the very last course and I am looking to complete the program before I give birth.
    There is a lot of work in Montreal for Doulas right now and I would like to look into that.
    Thanks Naomi

  18. http://onlinemidwiferyed.blogspot.com/2011/09/midwifery-101-live-online-classes-on.html
    Midwifery 101, Classes begin on Thur Nov 3, 2011 and continue to the end of March 2012. $150 for 20 live, online classes with Gloria Lemay, 60 mins long.

    Midwifery 102, Classes begin on Thur Oct 6, 2011 and continue to the beginning of March 2012. $89 for 10 live, online classes with Gloria Lemay, 60 mins long.
    These classes are designed for students who have completed the Midwifery 101 course.

    For times and lots more information on how to join WizIq and a free sample of a class, see the links above. Feel free to share this post.

  19. Hi Gloria! I am so interested in your series of classes. I have a question…what if I am unable to tune in for a few Thursdays (due to classes outside the home)? Is there a way to watch them later?

    THANK YOU for all you do!

    • Hi Kelsey, all the sessions are recorded and the recording become available to watch or download about 12 hours after the class ends. Some women do miss classes and catch up by viewing the recording. There is also a yahoogroup for the course where students can discuss their studies through the week. You are welcome, Gloria

  20. Hi Gloria,

    From what I can tell your next course is starting on April the 19th, is this correct?
    Do you have a list of upcoming dates if this one does not suit?
    And do you think you get just as much out of the class if you can only watch the recordings?
    Thank you

  21. Hi Gloria,
    Is there a midwifery 101 course starting shortly? I can ot seem to find the dates of when it starts and how do I go about signing up for this.
    Thank you Michelle

  22. I’m starting a new series of MIDWIFERY 101. . .live, online classes on October 11, 2012 (Thurs evenings). Please let others know. Full details and a free sample class here http://onlinemidwiferyed.blogspot.ca/2011/09/midwifery-101-live-online-classes-on.html

    For those who have completed MIDWIFERY 101, the continuing series will begin on October 4, 2012 (Thurs. a little earlier) . Full details here: http://onlinemidwiferyed.blogspot.ca/2012/08/midwifery-102-series-begins-oct-4-2012.html

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