17 thoughts on “Medical Grand Rounds: Intact Umbilical Cord

  1. I find it interesting in the first video that none of the animals are birthing flat on their backs in the lithotomy position either…..maybe he can research that next! 🙂

  2. Thanks for posting! Hopefully we will see more medical professionals emphasizing, implementing, internalizing what Dr. Fogelson called “rational” arguments toward birth care.

  3. Shows how what we are doing to mother’s and babies does not meet the ‘First do no harm!’ standard and how nonreflective medicine can be!!

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  5. I think his closing statements are so thoughtful and true. Why, if we have a baby struggling to make the transition to extra-uterine life, do we cut off the only working system still in place? Love that he suggested we find ways to intubate and get preemies started, while still receiving their transfusion from the placenta. Common sense and should be mandatory viewing for every birth worker (OB, midwife, family practice, paramedic) Thanks for posting! Where do find these jewels?

  6. Loved this post! Was amazingly informative! Why didn’t the medical field think about the consequences of cutting the cord so quickly before implementing this steo in the birthing room?

  7. wow….early cord clamping = modern day blood letting!!!
    The OB that caught my 16 month old clamped his cord AS SOON AS HE WAS Born! And I gasped as I saw him doing it… but it was too late! Not only did he clamp it, he cut it and wrapped him up…no skin to skin contact… no breast feeding right away… they whisked my baby away and then put him in the NICU… he had perfect apgars at birth.
    Makes me sad and upset still to this day when I think about it!
    There are not enough midwives in Louisiana … gives no choices to mamas!

  8. I’d love it if Dr. Fogelson was able to shadow a homebirth midwife in a country where he does not hold a medical license so he would have no legal reason to interfere.

    I love this agenda of attempting to eradicate early cord clamping in obstetrics.

    Hate the “Cytotec is safe” spiel however. Anything that can’t be turned off should not be used during birth.

  9. Thank you for posting this! I am going to repost these videos, because I think it’s so important to know this information. I remember when I was pregnant wondering if it would be worth it to do cord banking, because they make it seem like it’s the best choice for your baby. When I asked my midwife about it, she brought up some of these points shared in this video. So glad we did delayed clamping. (We waited until the cord stopped entirely.
    When a dear friend of mine delivered her baby in the hospital, he came out blue and not breathing (which is not too unusual…), and the doc cut his cord immediately and took him to NICU for 4 hours to monitor him. Sadly, as this presentation pointed out, this doctor cut off his current oxygen and blood supply to “save” him, and therefore robbed that baby of the benefits of DCC as well as robbed mom of initial bonding and breastfeeding.
    If only caregivers used EVIDENCE to back up their practices!!!

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  11. What an excellent lecture! Thanks for posting this Gloria. “Delayed cord clamping” is one of my beloved soap boxes. It is great to hear an evidenced based examination of the routine intervention of clamping early. I am expecting my third baby, planned home birth with a midwife, in about 2 weeks. I look forward to having a pseudo-lotus birth and waiting until the placenta is birthed before my daughters get to cut the cord!

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