9 thoughts on “Massachusetts End Male Genital Mutilation Bill is being heard

  1. oooohh my…those poor ignorant, circumcised men on the street. they dont even know what they’re missing!

    so, complications of circumcision include minor bleeding and infection, versus the benefits of protecting against cancer, hiv and UTI’s? well that’s just a no brainer. circumcise everyone! (puke)

  2. Sure! Circumcise everyone! And start with the little girls, ’cause they don’t know what they are missing. Sure it’s good for them, – and the medical industry will churn out the studies “proving” it is good for them in 20 years. Just give them the chance, they already do it for hysterectomy and ovarectomy, and they profit nicely too.

    Circumcision is nothing but medical quackery. The medical industry in America has been on a “fishing expedition” to find a reason to keep circumcision culturally acceptable and common, so as to protect their financial interest in it. As sexually amputated men they also have an emotional interest in finding themselves “normal” so they encourage the continuation of the practice.

    The protection against Cancer HIV and UTI is mythological, just shoddy science done as a service to American and Jewish culture. Circumcised Americans have higher rates of STD’s, HIV etc. There is no protection surrounding circumcision just shoddy science.

    And 300 boys per year die from circumcision complications. I don’t find their lives more expendable -just because they are happen to be born male.

    Actually, circumcised men are clueless as to what they are missing, and their partners too. Women who’ve had sex with both types of men, prefer intact 9 to 1. “Once you’ve had intact, you never go back!” Uninformed women (and men) who don’t understand form and function often prefer aesthetics over function because they don’t know better.

    I am pleased that the violation of Human Rights that is circumcision has been considered by the legislature in Mass. Too often in this country we are complacent and pay lip service to ideals and human rights. Here is a chance to make things better and not be overly satisfied with the status quo.

    GO MASS!

  3. Sandy, just so you know, I don’t think Amy was endorsing circumcision. Sometimes I get comments from pro circ people but when I check out their information it always turns out that they are people who are making money off clinics for cutting.
    I delete the comment because I don’t advertise for cutters.

  4. hm, yes I thought it was clear I was being sarcastic above when I said circumcise everyone. I thought the news clip was a little pro-circumcision. that’s what I was referring to.

    I agree with you sandy. it’s a horrible situation. circumcised men really dont know what they’re missing. I assume the men they interviewed on the street are cut, and they didnt seem to know how wrong it was. Im very glad my MIL didnt have my husband cut as a baby. he was the only intact boy that he knew of his age 🙁

  5. Amy,

    Thanks for the clarification. You are indeed lucky to have an intact husband! I am always glad to hear of one and glad to hear of intact boys remaining so.

    Sorry I mistook your sarcasm for a pro circ position. It is easy to do since most Americans just don’t see what the fuss is about and they think it’s no big deal. Their use of sarcasm and mockery is frequent.

    An old comedy team Flanders and Swann had a routine about a Reluctant Cannibal, who claimed in opposition to his people’s customs, “Eating people is wrong!” Well we intactivists are in much the same position. We question tradition.

    ALL the news clips seems to be pro-circ, because questioning routine amputation is difficult. It is easier to make fun of activists than to question deeply ingrained cultural traditions, -whether secular or religious.

    I was a victim of my religion of origin, and really deeply resent the fact that they sexually mutilate their children with no opposition, either voiced or legal. Assaulting children is just plain barbaric. Circumcision dates to a period when Human Rights as a concept did not even exist, in part it was the mark of a slave. So the religious tradition seems a bit of a stretch, to me.

    The fact that doctors do this now in the era of bioharvesting and act as “counsel” to poorly informed parents, while giving them misinformation, is galling.

    Here in Pittsburgh, some hospitals just hack away at the child without even obtaining consent. It has always been their quick easy income stream and they expect to keep it!

    There are stories of doctors trying to get the circumcision done before the end of their shift, so they get the dollar and not the next ob-gyn on duty.

    I have met personally only one doctor who says they actually discourage routine infant circumcision in their practice. They do exist, I am sure but they are not vocal for fear of reprisal from other doctors.

    Anyway thanks for the clarification and best wishes!

  6. News today is that, once again, Massachusetts has rejected the bill. There’s something so noble about bringing it back year after year until, one day, we will overcome.

  7. I had a friend when I lived in edmonton who had a doctor who absolutely refused to do circumcisions. my friend was telling our playgroup about it one day. she said she told the doctor she wanted her son circumcised. his older brother was circumcised and his dad was too, and she wanted her new baby “done”. well the doctor tried everything to convince her not to do it, explained the risks and how it has no medical benefits etc. she would not budge. he then told her to go and make an appointment to have it done at his office when the baby was 3 weeks old, knowing very well that it was against the rules to perform circ’s after 2 weeks of age. my friend was not fooled and just went to a different doctor and had it done.

    I almost couldnt speak to her anymore after she told me that story. how could you do it knowing full well all about it? I thought she was a total sicko.

  8. I’m always amazed that women can okay a second son being cut, too, Amy. Looking after that poor, skinned glans until it heals over must be heart wrenching to a mother. For sure, they must not know that boys have bled to death or died from infections secondary to circumcision. What a risk to take for no benefit.

  9. wow – how retarded some people are in society. We are a retarded species. Would animals and mammals circumcise their offspring? Of course not because it is ridiculous. Jeez – why is there even a debate on the subject.

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