Mary Cronk's list of assertiveness tools

Mary Cronk of England is one of my favourite midwives in the world.  She’s been around the block a few times and knows how medical professionals can intimidate women.

Here are her tips for regaining power when those around you are trying to bulldoze their agenda through.

 “I suggest you calmly inform your midwife of your intention. and remember my suggested replies to unhelpful professionals.”
1. “Thank you for your advice, I will consider it carefully and let you know my decision”
2. I don’t think you can have have heard what I said
3. Would you like to repeat what you have just said?
4. I am afraid I will have to regard any further discussion as harrassment
5. What is your NMC pin number (for a British midwife) or, “What is your GMC pin number” (for a British Medical practitioner)

I have a sixth phrase to be used *in extremis* “stop this at once” and I am pleased to report that I had it used against me by a woman to whom I had taught it. I  got too enthusiastic while doing
a VE and she ordered me to “stop at once” I did! Regards, Mary

3 thoughts on “Mary Cronk's list of assertiveness tools

  1. I love asking for the pin number. Any registered midwife anywhere has a number, it’s called different things but it’s still a registration number. As a New midwife (over 20 years ago) I idolised Mary and Caroline as bare arsed radicals, at a time When Mary was really going through the mill. It’s fantastic to see them become part of the British way, as we have all aged.
    I now find myself feeling like a hard arsed radical and it’s midwives liken these that I have to thank. It’s lovely to see that Mary is respected the world over.

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