Letter from Jenny (Homebirth after 2 cesareans)

My dear sweet Gloria,

A year ago today at 4:45 a.m. I gave birth. I have treasured that moment every day. I know it is really Rowan’s birthday. But it’s my birthday too. I feel like that was the day I was born as a woman. Whole, powerful, beautiful, healed.

As you know my other births left me with scars. Scars on my body and scars on my soul. This birth healed me. I am not broken, I am whole. I am not helpless, I am powerful. I am not less than a woman, I am beautiful. I am healed.

Thank you, Gloria, for being there for me. I will never forget the first time you put your hands on my large belly. I could feel love through your touch. For me and for my baby. Visits with you were relaxed; you spent so much time with me. You told me so many stories. Stories to make me laugh, give me courage and impart knowledge. You challenged me to dream of this birth. To really think in detail how I wanted it to be. And I had the birth I dreamed of! What a gift.

Thank you, Gloria, for your quiet confident presence during my labour.
You gave me my space and that’s exactly what I wanted. You gave me quiet encouragement as I pushed, and through the fog I heard your words and they helped me. You reminded me to get ready to catch my baby; you knew how much I wanted that! And you left us to get acquainted with her as you went to get me some tea. What a peaceful birth. I still remember her looking at me with those eyes. Nothing is like that first look a newborn takes at the world around, and I got to see it!

Thank you Gloria for being who you are. You are a woman to be reckoned with! You supported me and my desire to have an amazing birth. And it has changed me.

Happy 1st birthday, Rowan. Happy birth day to me, too. Thank you, Gloria!
PS. My placenta is still in my freezer waiting to be planted under a Rowan tree when we have our own place 😀

7 thoughts on “Letter from Jenny (Homebirth after 2 cesareans)

  1. Wow! Beautiful and powerful. I feel myself drawing inspiration like electricity.
    Thank you! And congratulations 🙂 <3

  2. Gloria is a remarkable educator BUT you “received” what she was saying, that makes you a remarkable student. You were open to her love and open to instruction. You have a teachable heart! Now go forward and love your babies with the same kindness and gentle guidance. AND whenever you have the opportunity to share you experience with mom to be please do. The world needs love to be spread far and wide.

  3. Thank you Glo for posting my letter. It touches me deeply to reread it after nearly 4 years. Those memories are still so strong for me and have become a part of the fabric of my being, I am forever changed by that birth! I have some news to share with you, I’ll be in touch 🙂

    Thank you to everyone who read this and commented, it is always an honour to share my story with those who are open to hearing it. (Hi to you too Jen!)

  4. Your story shows just how much Birth MATTERS.
    It matters to the woman who needs to learn how to be confident in her new roe.
    It matters to the baby who comes into the world the way nature intended.
    It matters to the father, who understands his wife is stronger than he realized.
    It matters for the community to see the family as its firm basis.
    It matters, for the future of humanity, in caring about its citizens.

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