Just a Spoonful of Sugar Helps the Amputation Go Down

This was sent to me by a nurse friend.  It’s off an online email list for nurses.
Gloria Lemay, Vancouver BC


Another set of sucrose questions:

1)     What is the strength of the sucrose you are using for pain tx
during circs?   25%

2)      Do you solely apply the sucrose to a pacifier or do you
administer a prescribed amount?  sucking and sweet are synergistic, so
we do use a pacifier

3)     For those using pacifiers, how do you deal with breastfeeding
moms who are adamantly against them?  we tell them it is only during the
procedure and then we throw it away

4)     Do any of you use breast milk in lieu of sucrose? Haven’t,  but could

5)   Where do you get your sucrose?  Toot Sweet 1 mL twist off single use
vials from Hawaii Medical www.hawaiimedical.com

Thanks in advance for your answers! I appreciate each one of you! Feel
free to contact me off-list.

Another nurse answers:
I would imagine you can use a gloved finger for the baby to suck instead
of a pacifier.>>

Is it any wonder that we have such low rates of successful breastfeeding in the United States?  Right at the beginning of life we are inflicting pain, comforting with white sugar, and putting latex/rubber into the mouths of these little baby boys.  Nurses who want to end the insanity can join Nurses for the Rights of the Child and get support for being a conscientious objector.

And, finally, here’s what one baby thinks about the idea of amputating his foreskin:Alternamoms baby with finger 

2 thoughts on “Just a Spoonful of Sugar Helps the Amputation Go Down

  1. Just found your blog tonight, reading through some excellent information! I am so excited to have it as a resource.

    I’m a midwife practicing in MB, and currently working through the process of being a conscientious objecting midwife. So far, it is a rough battlefield out here. The chants of “informed choice for mothers” are rising up quickly now that I am declining to write consults for this cosmetic procedure. But what about those babes?! I am not sure two wrongs make a right, but they sure seem to have added a level of complacency!

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