It's so nice to have a geek around the house

I took a “blogger” to lunch today and then lured her back here to ask how to imbed links in a post and get rid of my formatting errors on previous posts. 

She’s told me that I’m one of the cooler people who is using “WordPress”, who knew?  Well, I guess Laureen knew (she’s the teacher who taught me how to Blog) and Troy knew (he’s the guy I email and say “Troy, I have to blog on WordPress, can you arrange that?”)  Actually, I think Troy was completely astounded that I would even know to ask for that so I felt very trendy making that request. 

My friend, Kenzie, was a little concerned about that gigantic photo of the statues on a previous post that goes outside the boundaries of my blog but I told her we wouldn’t sweat the big stuff on this blog.  No sirreeeeee.  We had other problems today—how to imbed links.  Well, in about 10 minutes of instruction, she now has me imbedding like an old pro.  Hurrah!  She also showed me how miles of html in copied items will show up as really weird blog material.  Now, I’ll be behaving myself and pasting things on Notebook before posting here. 

Thanks for hanging in with me as I get used to this medium.  Thanks for making comments and passing the information on to others.  I’m on Facebook, too, if you want to add me as a friend.  Thanks, Kenzie, for all you add to my life.  I’ve added Kenzie’s blog on feminist health news to my blogroll.  Next time I take her to lunch we’ll have trackbacks and tags happening here and maybe even a few pings.

Gloria Lemay

4 thoughts on “It's so nice to have a geek around the house

  1. Yes but which Gloria Lemay are you on facebook? The one with the photo of you & a baby (my bet) or the one with a close up shot that lives in Toronto?
    Maybe you are both!
    Perhaps I should just add both of you & see which one is the more entertaining :))

  2. Hi Jennifairy, I’m the one holding the baby. That pic was taken at the Trust Birth Conference in CA last March. I can still smell that delicious little baby boy–he was so cuddly, just melted to your body.
    There’s really only ONE Gloria Lemay in Canada, Ha, ha!

  3. Dear Gloria; Greetings! Thank you for having this site, I’m so proud of you and all of us in the know… It is a new world this webbed world. I’m taking courses to find a half decent job to raise my kids on my own and knowing you are writing and sharing is inspiration. My youngest is named after you, and the edmonton midwife, Walker: Glorya Noreen. Sending you lots of love and light, Cole zg

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