International Midwifery

tiny baby

We’ve just completed a 24 hour marathon of Midwifery activities,

24 Hour Virtual International Day of the Midwife May 5th 2010

Sponsored by Otago Polytechnic in New Zealand, the day of activities included continuous online classes in a virtual classroom (Elluminate), twitter activity, Facebook interactions, a visit to a virtual Birth Center in SecondLife and a photo contest. The photo of the tiny baby above is part of the photo contest on Flickr. To see more amazing photos of mothers and midwives go to:

Global Midwives and Mothers

2 thoughts on “International Midwifery

  1. This was amazing and informative and pointed to one thing – midwives deep concern for the health of mothers and babies.

    What a privilege to participate and to contribute. So many wonderful names to put voices to and the comments were equally enlightening. What a great day – is this the beginning of a brand new day?

  2. Hi Beverley, thanks so much for commenting on my blog. Every time I hear your ideas, I learn a new and sometimes subtle nuance of the birth game. You are a gem and I’m glad we’ve become friends in cyberland. I look forward to meeting you in person and giving you a long hug.

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