2 thoughts on “In Solidarity with our Australian Homebirth Midwives and Families

  1. Now with my 6 month old darling. . . loving what I read on your site. Had a reasonably awful experience with BC midwives. Ohhh where to begin? Lots of fear tactics and pushy stuff, unable to talk with me about things like diet or sex during pregnancy. Generally not open minded. Then the pre-eclampsia came, no one spoke of options, only of induction. We were close to 37 weeks so it was in and out of hospital. I managed to deliver drug free with an episiotomy that healed well in the end. But I hemmorhaged delivering the placenta. I heard’ the midwife’s internal chant “Oh My God, she’s going to die.” She was debating hysterectomy right away. All unnecessary, I didn’t need a transfusion even. I needed a calm midwife who believed in my healing power. Thank God for my doula who stood by me. In my final visit with the midwife, I confirmed her thought process and swore to never deliver like that again.

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