5 thoughts on “Hypnobabies home waterbirth 2012

  1. So beautiful and peaceful. What a lovely family, undisturbed to take each other in. Sad that that’s remarkable today, isn’t it? But attainable if we go out and get it. Thank you for sharing this video.

  2. So quite and serene. Amazing! Never seen anything like this before. I will be 45 when I give birth to my first child in July 2013 and I am trying to find my way. At the moment I am frightened of natural child birth and I do not have a partner, so I am looking at many options and this video made it seems so much less terrifying than the what I have witnessed before. If you know of a good doula in Austin, TX, please let me know. I followed a link from Melia’s website but she is having her third child this month and is not taking on new clients. I would be very grateful for any recommendation or advice. Thank you, Margo

  3. Aw, what a beautiful birth. Mum is so very present! (I am so much more nutty and howling during my births, ha!). I love that there is so SO much sharing of birth images out there. It’s wonderful that women have an opportunity to analyze others’ experiences, in order to really formulate a clear picture of what we want for our own births. I still constantly hear about the dire and deadly “complication” that is the nuchal cord, so I absolutely loved it, Gloria, when you so calmly and casually mention that there’s “just a little cord wrapped around the neck here”, and then you just simply undo it, and baby is given its first in-arms hug. Gorgeous.

  4. This is a very beautiful birthing technique that I am looking forward to going through myself.. I am also excited that i am over 46 ( 48 now ) My question is ‘is it the same effect if you are over 47?’ are the vaginal muscles still elastic? i am trying to study human anatomy more thoroughly and wanted to know a bit more. I was pregnant at age 40 and 44 but did not finish thoe pregancies so i did not have the experience yet.. Peace and love

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