Home VBAC after 2 cesareans

One of my blog readers just gave birth to her third child. From reading this blog, she came up with the following list of requests for her vbac birth:

1. I want to catch the baby myself. If I’m not able to, my husband should have the honor.

2. I want a lotus birth—cord left intact until it falls off.

3. I want my children to be involved if they are awake.

4. I want the baby velcroed to my skin at all times.

5. I want to have all the time in the world to see what gender my baby is.

6. I’d like to have a video of the birth.

7. I want a water birth

8. I want to initiate breastfeeding when the baby and I are ready.�

What she got: 

Waterbirth of 8# baby girl, mother caught, cord slipped off shoulder by TBA, placenta/cord left intact for 5 hours then cut at mother’s request, video taken with camera on tripod, mother announced “it’s a girl”, only time baby taken from mother in the first 4 hours was when dad carried baby/placenta to the bed. Mother birthed her own placenta without any assistance in the water tub. 4 y.o. daughter present for 04:30 birth of her sister, 2 y.o. brother slept right through the birth in the parents’ bed. Baby was doing stepping/climbing/bobbing to find the nipple and breast feeding happened without any coaching. Moral of the story: Dream big, don’t just have a vbac, have a fabulous birth.

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  1. I had 3 unnecessary cesarean. For the first pregnancy i had a spontaneously labor at 40 weeks, but when i reached 10 cm my baby was sunny side and after a long labor i was offering a cesearian. After 5 years i got pregnant with my second son. At 41w2d, i was measured with low fluids and the doctors offered me induction or cesearian. I choosed a cesearian option…after 2 years with my 3th pregnancy i educated myself about the birth…i was doing yoga, walking every day, chiropractor adjustments…in the end at 41w4d i had a zero fluids at the 4 pockets…i was crying a lot…why this happen again to me…i always have an healthy pregnancies…the doctors said that induction could be dangerous for the baby and i could rupture…during the surgery, they saw baby’s hair and they mention that i had very thin scar. ..so i won’t be a good candidate for next vbac…also the told me that i had only a few spoons fluids…so the ultrasound wasn’t wrong…please advise me did you ever had something similar as my case…because we’d like to have one more child, but i will never go to the hospital environment…please help me with advice…i am in alberta, calgary. .Thank you

    • I would love to talk to you about your history and your birthing future. At the moment I am involved in approaching birth from a prenatal bonding perspective – I am finding it an enormously expanding and fertile territory, haha, just saying prenatal bonding = many resources and opportunities!!
      Connect with me via email laurelmbrant@gmail.com or on facebook at Laurie Brant

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