4 thoughts on “Healthy Newborn–what do you see?

  1. Interesting! Thanks Gloria. Would you have to do the hip check straight away or could you wait until baby was a tad older? Or can you just do it while mum is holding bubs (rotate the thighs I mean)? If bubs did have asymmetrical creases would it be anything that needed immediate attention?
    Love Dominique xox

  2. I do it about 3.5 hours after birth when I do the newborn check. Many mws in Britain are talking about only checking the newborn 24 hrs post birth to let the heart, lungs, etc adjust to extrauterine life. I think that’s probably wise but I’m just doing it out of habit. If you question that the hips are dislocated, get the general practitioner to refer to a pediatric othopedist for an expert opinion. It’s better to get on with “triple diapering” within the first 2 weeks so that you can avoid the need for surgery later on.

    Breech babies are vulnerable to dislocated hips so be careful especially with them.

  3. Just wondering, Why do the tops of the ears need to line up with the corner of the eye? And, why do the nipples need to be even? What does it mean if they are not?

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