Guest Post: Nutrition to prevent Flu

by Aliss Terpstra, CNP, Ontario, Canada

Handwashing can minimize the spread of live virus from hands to our own mouth, nose and eyes which are the portals to the mucous membranes that the virus needs to enter in order to cause infection. Handwashing can also reduce transmission to others, but will not protect anyone from airborne virus at close range. Handwashing and laundry do not aid the immune system once exposure has happened! I think it is irresponsible and unethical for our public health officials to harp on handwashing but deliberately avoid informing the public about solid scientific information on nutrient supplementation that is safer and more effective than an untested vaccine costing Canadian taxpayers millions of dollars. We can not adequately control our risk of exposure from others unless we are willing to live in a bubble until the ‘pandemic’ is over, but we can aid our bodies to resist infection and produce true immunity with mild illness or no illness at all. This kind of immunity tends to be permanent and will be passed on to the baby.

In addition to good quality uninterrupted sleep (not always possible with other children to tend, discomforts of pregnancy and need to empty bladder more frequently) and a diet with adequate natural FAT and PROTEIN during pregnancy, there is now good evidence that three nutrients protect against flu infection when supplemented. Not coincidentally, these three nutrients are needed in greater amounts during pregnancy and nursing, and CDC-NHANES recent studies found a high percentage of women of childbearing age to be mildly to severely deficient in at least one. They are:
Vitamin D

Drinking fluoridated tap water and consuming processed foods, tea and reconstituted bottled fruit juices increase the requirement for all three nutrients. Those of you living in B.C. are so lucky. Southern Ontario is 75% fluoridated and the grocery food supply is 100% fluoridated. To boot, our agricultural lands are selenium and iodine deficient so local foods are low in these nutrients.

Prenatal vitamins do not contain adequate amounts for optimal immunity. Health Canada does not approve of vitamin supplement formulas that produce optimal immunity in pregnant women. Ironically, factory farmed animals get optimal supplementation! Health Canada would also like all drinking water systems across Canada to have added fluoride from industrial waste source, to a level of 0.7 mg per liter. Hmmm I wonder why.

Check Dr. Mercola’s website for more info, Mike Adams, the Vitamin D Council (Dr. John Cannell), Harold Foster’s site, or the works of Marc Sircus OMD.

Aliss Terpstra CNP

2 thoughts on “Guest Post: Nutrition to prevent Flu

  1. What foods contain selenium? See this website:
    Quote: Excellent sources of selenium include button mushrooms, shiitake mushrooms, cod, shrimp, snapper, tuna, halibut, calf’s liver, and salmon.

    In addition, Brazil nuts are one of the most concentrated food sources of selenium, featuring about 70-90 micrograms per nut. (end quote)

    Sources of iodine: seafoods, seaweeds (nori, dulse), sea salt.

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