14 thoughts on “Four Fruit Models of the Uterus

  1. I love that picture of you holding my sweet friend, Emily’s, then baby Ryan! Ryan will be 3 in a few weeks. He looks like a churub with rolling blonde curls and chubby cheeks….

  2. What a great, fun, easy to follow demonstration ~ and what an AMAZING organ. I was not aware that massage post-birth is not recommended (thanks for that tid bit). And I also did not know that the uterus is immediately the size of a grapefruit again. 🙂 Lots of learning today. Thank you for sharing your fruit demo, and for all you do for babies and their mothers.

  3. That was excellent. I already used the pear and watermelon as teaching aids, but I’ll adding a honeydew and a grapefruit for my next class. Thank you!

  4. Hi Gloria – do you possibly have any additional info about massaging the uterus after the birth? Research, articles or texts which demonstrate the best way to or not to do it?

  5. I only have my own experience of attending more than 1000 births and never doing it. I was never trained to “expel clots” and all that nonsense. In the medical model, that training is given and never questioned. A clot is a scab on the inside of the body. It is formed to stop internal bleeding.

    Research, articles and texts on the subject will only be done within the medical paradigm. Homebirth midwives will give you the experience of what is normal.

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