Flu Shots More Dangerous than any Flu

Here are a couple of videos that will show the dark side of the flu vaccines. The first is a Washington Redskins cheerleader who was training for a 1/2 marathon before getting a flu vaccine at the end of August. She now suffers from dystonia as a result of the vaccine.

This one (again from FOX News which is such an entertainment rather than hard news source, I know) is a vaccine expert telling a news service that he thinks the vaccine is more dangerous than the flu and particularly damaging to pregnant women and children. Please pass this on to pregnant couples:

This is a downloadable MP3 of Dr. Chris Shaw of the University of British Columbia discussing the damage that is done by aluminum in vaccines:

10 thoughts on “Flu Shots More Dangerous than any Flu

  1. This was really irresponsible of Faux News to air, and I think it’s also irresponsible on your part to share it. The vast majority of health professionals agree that pregnant women are in the highest risk group for seasonal flu or H1N1 flu.

  2. First of all they are not “health” professionals but “medical” professionals. Secondly, they operate largely as a pack with an eye to covering their own butts. If someone is crippled or dies from the vaccine, they are covered. If someone dies of the disease and they advised against the vaccine, they can be sued. What would you do if you had spent a fortune getting a medical license? The fix is in. It’s up to the consumer to protect themselves and their unborn/born children. Here’s a link to the ingredients in the flu vaccines:

    The SOGC (Soc. of Obstetrician & Gynec of Canada) came out today with a big push for preg women to get vaccinated. Remember, these are the same folks who have given you episiotomies, epidurals, inductions, ultrasounds, continuous fetal monitoring, persecution of midwives, a 30% cesarean rate, circumcision, etc. Do you really think they care about the “health” of Canadian women and children? If you do, I have a bridge in Brooklyn I’d like to sell you.

  3. The Edmonton Journal for example is actively pushing the vaccine, despite other Major Canadian publications indicating otherwise. I wonder who the Journal is pandering to? Is there a money trail? (You bet, there always is, can you discover it, unearth it?)

    As shown on many documented and verified publications, the science is completely flimsy for the Journal’s stance, they instead say “Alberta’s chief medical officer” yada yada.

    See http://drop.io/uscanadafreedom for more

  4. well, I wont be getting the vaccine although I am pregnant. however, I think the first commenter is correct to say that posting videos from fox news doesnt give the anti-vax side any credibility. Im not anti vaccine, but I dont want to get the flu shot. I dont usually get the flu shot, and this one isnt much different.

    the main reason Im not getting it is because in canada, about 80 people have died from H1N1. that’s like, 2 in a million. I dont feel that endangered by the flu, but I just feel very uncertain about this vaccine that is being so heavily pushed on pregnant women.

    the majority of people I know arent getting it, even the very mainstream people. even people who think their dumbass unnecesarean saved their life. nobody’s getting it. that kind of mass instinctive rejection cant be wrong.

  5. Gloria,
    The March of Dimes is currently telling pregnant women to get the vaccine. It is currently very hard to find the vaccine anyways. I am a health care worker and I have not been able to be vaccinated yet. I think that everyone has to make their own decisions on this. It is a very hard decision for many folks.

    One of my clinical students asked me what she should do. “Pinky do you think I should have my 1 year old vaccinated.” I told her I cannot answer that. That she need to list the pros and cons and see what she believes is important. Her concern was that the virus was an attenuated spray virus. Being attenuated, it is a live virus, albeit very weak. I cannot make her decision for her and do not feel comfortable swaying folks either way. What I do feel comfortable is telling them to research it from reliable sources.

    The vaccine makers admit that this was a vaccine that has been expedited quickly so there may be problems with the vaccine. On the other hand, this flu is known to be deadly to young strong people. So that is a big concern.

    My Grandmother would say, wash your hands, wash your hands, wash your hands. Before you eat and after handling money. Wipe down your phones. Wipe down the door knobs. Wipe down your computer keyboard. When opening a door pull your sleeve down and use your sleeve instead of your hand to open the door. Cough into your shoulder, not your hand. Keep your house clean. These were all simple things my Grandmother did and her children rarely got sick. Oh and she would say to eat your vegetables and fruits and milk.

  6. Make your own decision and do your own research is a cop-out. When people turn to experts for information, it’s not good enough that we shrug our shoulders and abdicate responsibility for what we know.

    Today I was talking to a pregnant woman and I asked her “Why do you think they (the pharma giants) don’t want pregant women to take the H1N1 vax in the first 20 weeks?” She said “Because my baby is developing in the first 20 weeks.” My reply “Well, your baby is doing important development in the last 20 weeks of pregnancy, too, but the development is inside and not visible as overt birth defects. Yes, the hands, feet and outside is forming before 20 weeks so the pharma giants don’t want a repeat of the thalidomide disaster when so many babies were born without limbs. THAT would be an undeniable affect of the H1N1 vax. But if the vax is causing heart, lung, adrenal, pancreatic problems in newborns, it’s more difficult to pinpoint what caused it.” To me this is evil.

    I would think there was some integrity in this mass hysteria movement if I ever heard that they are looking for people who refuse to take the vaccine to be studied side by side with those who are taking it. I have not heard a word about any interest in studying the different populations. Why not? Isn’t the government or industry interested in studying the affects of this vax program?

    It’s really too bad that the news media seems to have had a slow month in October and they had nothing better to do than terrify people about swine flu. Australia has come through their winter without having an unusual body count because of flu. Bob Sears, M.D. has come out against having pregnant women take the H1N1 Vax saying “”As a doctor, we swear an oath to ‘First, do no harm.’ So I have a hard time recommending a treatment that doesn’t show it causes no harm,”
    Read the rest of the article at

    It takes courage for a physician to take this stance when his/her entire profession has become parrots for an industry that has killed so many trusting people.

  7. So do you have a problem with Tamiflu for pregnant women also? Especially when they are in the ICU due to H1n1 complications. Since April 2009 100 pregnant women have been in the ICU for H1N1 complications. Of these women 28 death were the result. My professional opinion with pregnant women is that they should get vaccinated.

    What kind of medical education do you have that you are qualified to give folks medical advice?

  8. The woman in the video does not have dystonia. Dystonia does not look like that. Also being able to walk back wards and then speak totally normal is completely unheard of with dystonic reactions. The cause of her dystonia is most likely psychogenic. For a more complete explanation please see the blog Respectful Insolence.

  9. Here’s an update on the Cheerleader’s health. Gloria
    November 06, 2009
    NFL Cheerleader Disabled by 2009 Flu Shot On Road to Recovery
    Ashburn, Virginia – November 5, 2009: After having her life turned upside down by a routine influenza shot, and discharged by three major hospitals after four visits – despite worsening symptoms – Desiree Jennings is finally making great strides in her recovery. The vibrant, 25-year-old Washington Redskins Cheerleader Ambassador has a website to tell her story and keep well-wishers from around the world informed of her progress as well as to promote “true informed consent.”

    Jennings was training for a half marathon in August 2009 when she received her seasonal flu shot, something she had done several years before. This time, however, her reaction was severe and debilitating. Over the course of several weeks she lost the ability to walk or talk normally, and began to suffer violent seizures and recurrent blackouts.
    Jennings was misdiagnosed multiple times with a variety of diagnoses since receiving the influenza shot, which she thought would protect her from illness. She has since been diagnosed by her treating physician, Dr. Rashid A. Buttar, with a number of conditions including but not limited to Acute, Viral Post Immunization Encephalopathy and Mercury Toxicity with secondary respiratory and neurological deficits.

    Since then her story has made headlines here and abroad, with videos explaining her disorder garnering millions of hits on YouTube. The responses she has received have been overwhelmingly supportive, encouraging.and informative. Celebrity couple Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey helped point Desiree in the right direction through Generation Rescue, a non-profit organization dedicated to preventing and reversing autism.

    The treatments with Dr. Buttar at the Center for Advanced Medicine and Clinical Research in Charlotte, NC are working, and the results are nothing short of amazing. Jennings can now walk and talk normally throughout the vast majority of the day and the seizures/convulsions have significantly decreased. Although her full recovery will take an undetermined amount of time, her family is now for the first time, convinced she will make a complete recovery. She is now more than ever, driven by a desire to educate others to be informed of the potential side effects caused by vaccines and prevent others from suffering a similar fate.

    Visitors to her new website, Desiree Jennings, will find regular updates on her progress, helpful details on her treatment and valuable information on the importance of “informed consent” – truly knowing ALL of the options before making important medical decisions.

    “I set up the site to tell my story and warn people of the neurological side effects that can result from vaccinations,” Jennings said, “Especially knowing that in the majority of cases, these stories are seldom heard outside of immediate families and friends.”
    Visit http://www.DesireeJennings.com for more information.

  10. The latest news on Desiree Jennings on her road to recovery,..from Fox5:

    VIDEO in URL

    Desiree Jennings’ Road to Recovery – Woman disabled by flu shot shows improvements
    By Claudia Coffey – Fox 5 – Washington, DC

    Updated: Thursday, 19 Nov 2009, 10:49 PM EST

    WASHINGTON, D.C. – It’s a story that we first brought you on Fox 5 and myfoxdc. A Washington Redskins cheerleader was left disabled by a flu shot. She could barely walk or talk, and her condition was getting worse.

    Suffering dozens of seizures a day and her life clearly in danger, she sought the help of a controversial doctor in North Carolina. Desiree Jennings sat down with FOX 5’s Claudia Coffey outside of Charlotte to give us an exclusive look at her road to recovery.

    Desiree Jennings was told by some doctors that she would never recover that the damage she suffered from a flu shot was irreversible. But over the last month, she has gone from being on deaths door to seeing that her old life is just within reach

    Jennings, 25, never lost hope that this day would finally come.

    “It feels great to be able to smile again,” says Jennings.

    The Ashburn, Virginia native is not only able to smile, but she can walk again. These simple steps seemed impossible nearly a month ago when we first introduced you to the Redskins Cheerleader Ambassador.

    Just days after getting the seasonal flu shot, her health spiraled out of control. She had difficulties walking, talking and suffered several seizures a day.

    Johns Hopkins and Fairfax Inova diagnosed her with a rare reaction to the flu shot that resulted in dystonia, a rare neurological disorder. But she still had some control. For instance, she could run but not walk forward. She even ran a marathon. But days after she crossed the finish line, her health took a turn for worse.

    “I did not know what was in her– all I knew is that what was in her shouldn’t be in her,” says Dr Rashid Buttar.

    Actress Jenny McCarthy’s Foundation called Generation Rescue, which educates people about ways to reverse autism and concerns over vaccine safety, put Desiree in touch with Dr. Rashid Buttar, who practices outside of Charlotte, North Carolina. He’s a controversial physician who practices preventative medicine.

    When Desiree arrived there more than three weeks ago, she was in acute respiratory distress. She could barely breathe, and there were concerns she just wouldn’t make it.

    “Her face was starting to get that purplish bluish tint because she couldn’t get air. Twice I looked at my head nurse like we may need to call EMS,” says Dr Buttar.

    But 24-48 hours later, Desiree was stable. And when we paid her a visit, she was walking and laughing, and was seemingly on the road to recovery.

    “Overall I think my spirits are higher. I definitely feel light– I have a positive future. Hopefully all of this will get better,” says Jennings.

    She’s no longer having any seizures. She can speak perfectly normal whenever talking about the past or the future but her voice changes whenever she speaks about the time period when she was sick which began in early September.

    Dr. Buttar describes it as a hard drive damaged on a computer, but that too, he says, will return. Desiree is amazed at the improvement, but she admits at one point, she thought she was going to die.

    “I also knew my health was getting very bad, and I didn’t have much time, so I said this has got to work– I have nothing left,” says Jennings.

    Dr. Buttar diagnosed Desiree with essentially a toxic reaction to the flu shot.

    “My diagnosis of her is acute viral post immunization ensephalophosphy and secondary mecury toxicity, which we just established as of this Friday.

    When asked if her diagnosis was a result of the flu shot, Dr. Buttar responded, “Absolutely. Without a doubt? Without a doubt.”

    He says she was showing symptoms from a number of different conditions including dystonic side effects, which is why he says so many doctors couldn’t figure out what was wrong with her. Desiree’s private neurologist also diagnosed her with a dystonic reaction to the seasonal flu shot. Dr. Buttar treated her in what many traditional doctors might call an untraditional way.

    “We took the toxins out of her system, we supported her system, we reduced inflammation and we started treating the injuries by giving her certain nutrients that the brain needed to help repair the neuroreceptors,” says Buttar.

    Those treatments included, among other things, time in a hyperbaric chamber and dozens of IV treatments containing synthetic amino acids and nutrients. Dr. Buttar believes with rest and continued treatment, Desiree will fully recover.

    Desiree has received attention and support from across the world since we first brought you her story, but with that has come naysayers many who say this was an act.

    “How can you say its a hoax when you haven’t spoke to me and haven’t actually examined me and haven’t seen the pain and suffering I have gone through? But why would anyone want to create a hoax like that?” says Jennings.

    Now she feels a calling to do more once she’s better. She wants to educate others about informed consent and encourage people to be educated about the side effects of vaccines.

    Since 1999, the North Carolina Medical Board has made multiple unsuccessful attempts to restrict Dr. Buttar’s license, most recently in 2007 when complaints by four people — family members of former patients– were brought forward. A new hearing is scheduled at the end of February. The board is seeking again to restrict his license as well as charge him with unprofessional conduct.


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