First Woman

I’d like to see the “First Lady” title thrown out and have it replaced with “First Woman”.  Even though her name wasn’t officially on the ballot, the American people have elected Michelle Obama to a highly influential position and she is the right woman for the job.  She’s a woman with an opinion who is educated and confident.  She can be interviewed by anyone and comes off calm and direct.  She opens a new chapter of female power in America.  As “First Woman” she is an example to the world of a power source in a family.  We see a man/woman partnership for raising a family, having fun, and making a difference in the world.  I have a hunch that those two daughters will grow up to be balanced leaders, too. 

The world is ready to give up the notion of “First Lady”.  We don’t need any more fashion mavens or stern matrons.  We don’t need a “stand by your man” strategist.  All that ladylike nonsense can drop away.  Give us Michelle Obama and what she has shown us for the last two years under the media spotlight—a kind, thoughtful, smart, decent, loyal WOMAN who won’t take any crap from anyone.

Congratulations, America, a new day is here.  I’m rooting for your country from up here in Canada.

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