6 thoughts on “Examining a Normal Placenta

  1. Is the placenta part of the baby or the mom? I always thought of the placenta as something the mom’s body grew but now that I think about it, isn’t it grown from the baby’s cells?

  2. It’s an organ of the baby’s body. I think of it as an extra heart that grows outside of our bodies until we are born. After the birth, the lungs take over for the placenta to supply oxygen to the baby and the baby can discard the placenta.

  3. Gloria do placentas ever come out in pieces normally? Mine came in three chunks. I had nothing retained as per ultrasound at 5 weeks but wondered if it is provider induced. My placenta took maybe 25 minutes with pitocin maybe traction could have caused it? Anything else it could be? It wasn’t lobular.

  4. This is such a beautiful video. I started watching it for my own educational purposes, and started crying. That bloody fleshy mess is suddenly so amazing and sacred!

  5. This is incredibly informative and helpful and perfect for clients in my classes who are occasionally interested in knowing more and don’t mind looking! Thanks for doing this.

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