Ending circumcision–the life of an intactivist

I received 2 emails today which illustrate the life of an Intactivist.  The first one is from a friend whose child was hospitalized.  I took her some food in a reusable shopping bag.  She wrote: 


“I have the bag which contained the goodies you brought to the hospital. I was very amused to find a shopping list of yours in it which had several sketches of penises on it. It made me smile. You seemed to be illustrating a point about circumcision.” 


The other one was from one of the women who attended the Trust Birth Conference in March of 2008.  She had asked me for resources to give a doula client who was being steered toward circumcision by her dr.  I sent the info she needed right away and today she wrote back: 


“Wow – Thank-you so much Gloria for the great links and fast response.  I think we saved this little boy from the slice.” 


One of these made me blush with embarrassment and one made my heart sing, I’ll bet you can guess which is which?


Keep on speaking up for the boys.  Gloria Lemay 

2 thoughts on “Ending circumcision–the life of an intactivist

  1. “Speaking up for the boys” in the case of sexual mutilation is the same as speaking up for the girls; in fact, you are speaking up for humanity. To attack one gender, male or female, institutionally, is to attack the entire human race.

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