Circumcision–you wouldn't (couldn't) do it to a dog

declawing-billboard-photocrop by you.


It’s amazing what I’ve learned from being involved with the Genital Integrity movement.  An intactivist asked his veterinarian “What would you say if I asked you to circumcise my dog?”  His vet pondered this for a few minutes and then made eye contact with the man and said “If you asked me to do that, I would have to call the ASPCA and report you for cruelty.”

Of course, veterinarians are the same folks who had to start movements to stop the ear cutting and tail docking of household pets.  All kinds of cruelty have been inflicted upon domestic (and wild) animals but, for some reason, circumcision has never been an issue.  In North America, circumcision is reserved for human infants who can’t run away and can’t effectively fight back or escape.  The organizations that purport to be the protectors of infants, the pediatric societies, actually just protect their members’ money making opportunities.

Today, I received this photo of a billboard in West Hollywood, CA.  It was posted on Craigslist with this text:“A friend emailed me a picture of this new billboard in West Hollywood. De-clawing is illegal there. Hopefully the rest of the country will follow its lead…very soon. Some vets continue to de-claw because it’s a money-making procedure. The money isn’t worth it. It’s amputation at the first knuckle of each digit. We (in L.A. and the rest of the U.S.A.) need to become more enlightened and compassionate. The group is The exact same thing can be said about the amputation of the male prepuce.  It is an irreversible, mutilating surgery that is harmful and unnecessary.  There is no excuse for genital abuse. 


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  1. Love the pic! It goes with my argument against “just in case he’d have to have it done as an adult”

    I’m going to the snow soon and frostbite is really painful. Just in case i get frostbite, i’d like my fingers cut off, thanks!!

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