Circumcision–it’s all about money, nurse speaks out

Every nurse who has seen a circumcision has a story to tell. There is a group called Nurses for the Rights of the Child. Here, one nurse tells about her path to becoming a spokesperson for boys.

5 thoughts on “Circumcision–it’s all about money, nurse speaks out

  1. Great video! Hope people who see it post it to every family blog where parents advertise their decisions to circumcise.

    I had the same visceral reaction to mutilation of a 4 day old infant as a 19 year old nurse and have taught – really re-educated about it ever since.

    I say re-education as most people including most doctors and many nurses know something about it, usually all the wrong things.


    Maurene WhiteR.N.

  2. I want all nurses to refuse to stand by and bear witness to this mutilation, so that one day, I can tell my children, this is a decision they will never have to even contemplate.

  3. Oh how I wish there had been a brave soul like this to stand up and tell the truth when I was born. It could have saved me a lifetime of pain and embarrassment.

    Keep standing! Even if they never know why, those boys will appreciate your work.

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