3 thoughts on “Choices in childbirth

  1. Gloria, I seriously have to thank you for the total belly laugh Terreeia and I just had over your comment over the pork chop on my post! OMG woman, I had no idea you were so funny!! Now I was looking at this cartoon wishing I could be just as witty over your post but I don’t even get it. . . hmmm. . . clearly I’m at an advanced blog here!

  2. If you’re wondering about Maria’s comment, be sure to visit her beautiful blog at
    Unbeknownst to me, people can have an architectural feature called a “pork chop” in the bathroom and it is “very dated”.
    I was so innocent before I got hooked on Maria’s decorating blog. Now, I’m aware of “unsightly plug ins” and other catastrophic decorating blunders that even Martha herself has probably never acknowledged.
    Maria doesn’t have babies but her sisters take care of that production so that the rest of us are blessed with Maria’s full attention to making our homes more beautiful.
    The cartoon above made me think of all the soothing lies that women are told in order to lure them into hospitals, drugs and commercialized baby raising. It’s inconvenient to go against the tide and speak the truth even when people don’t want to hear it. Thousands of birth activists devote their energy to putting voice to the inconvenient truth.

  3. unfortunately this happens in more than just birth….

    but you knew that, what with the vaccines, circumcision, and the like..

    but its in all fields of allopathic medicine, public education, religion, and many many other where people will choose the easy way out instead of what may be momentarily uncomfortable..

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