Birth Victory

This poem was on one of my email lists today.  I think it illustrates so clearly how powerful it is when a woman overcomes all the doubt and fear and takes birth back for herself and her family.  Written by Cherie Boison, I must say “Way to go, woman, and thanks for getting this down on paper.” Gloria


I gave birth
Too large of a baby
Too flat of a pelvis
Said I couldn’t do it
I gave birth
Too risky they said
Too much overdue
C-Section scar
I gave birth
Glucose intolerant
Group B positive
What’s your end game?
I gave birth
Without their interventions
Without their fears
Surrounded by calm peaceful love
I gave birth
Let that contraction go
Listen to your body
Holding hands
I gave birth
Birth stool in my kitchen
Birth tub on the floor
Trusting it all
I gave birth
Strong pain
Stronger support
Moaning low
I gave birth
My body isn’t broken
My spirit is healed
My heart is so thankful

2008 by Cherie Boison